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4 Ways to Make Yourself Ready for Long-Term Patrons Once Launched A WordPress Site

Launch a WordPress Site

Across the world, there are lots of developers, who are taking one-and-done loom to their patrons. Most of the developers are developing a single WordPress website according to their clients’ specifications and then moved-on.
Possibly, they can build a website for this client in the future also, but between them there is not any reschedule work. If you are deteriorating to consider this route, it means, you are missing out huge profit of your business.
However, it may be difficult for you to turn your each client into a long-term client, so remember that you can convert a good number of them so that you can put-up some things into place before, during and after website launch.

1st# Make Sure to Build Management Plan of Website

Management Plan Website

Most of the developers worldwide are facing one of the biggest problems that is client request to change the website days, weeks and even months after a website has been published. Client requests to change the site for no additional cost, and for developers, it is very difficult to say no to them.
Because of the main aim of keeping clients happy, developers can’t say no to them as he can take action as advocate on your behalf. And, you constantly trying to make them happy and want to have a good impression in front of them.
Generally, you wanted to appear as helpful, but if your client requests take lots of time that you have set for your current project that’s when you face the major problem, so it is essential to draw the line. Well, you can avoid this by presenting a website’s management plan before you even begin WordPress site development.
If you present a site’s management plan, everyone involved knows precisely what to expect. At the time of putting a proposal for your client, make sure to add the site management plan right onto it. But if you are confused like what should it entail, it include the following for a set monthly fee:

  • Regular Maintenance: One of the biggest ongoing contracts that you can net for a development client is for site maintenance. We all know that the web is an ever-changing medium and it is very much important to stay up-to-date. A regular maintenance package includes things like Theme updates, plugin updates, website updates and more. It can also include tasks like search engine optimization, new pages and some kind of troubleshooting.
  • Support: When it comes to a key element of a website management plan, support is the most important factor. For instance, if any of your clients is getting a problem while trying to use a service, he/she can submit a support ticket or contact customer service. At the time of writing blog posts and adding pages, if your client runs into any problem, it makes sense that you should make yourself obtainable to answer questions and provide support.

2nd# Provide Training


You can also provide training to your clients as it will be helpful for them to manage their sites themselves. Instead of providing a support or maintenance package, it will be best for you to offer training.
It is one of the best routes if you are more interested in website development compare to site maintenance. If you have decided to provide training, there are number of ways, and one of the best ways is to put together video chats in order to guide a client through different processes involved with working in WordPress.
Moreover, Google+ Hangouts and Skype video provide the best ability to share screen which plays a biggest role in any training course. You can also get the ability to provide extra training courses on any time as there is major update to the WordPress core or a new feature. It can keep the door open for future opportunities also.

3rd# Make Your Field

For ongoing work with your client, it is best to make your pitch as it is to include it in your suggestion. If you follow this route, there will be nothing that you hide from your clients. From beginning, he/she knows what to expect from you and what it will be considering an extra and will cost some extra money.
However, for starters, you can sketch out the benefits and importance of website maintenance and other support. Then, provide a huge discount on these services for those, who have already purchased a full WordPress site development package from you.

4th# Client Preservation

One of the most important points of getting a client to change from a one-time purchase to a long-term customer is to sanction solid customer retention measures.
To ensure each and every client feeling satisfied, you need to do your best job with the product, services, and quality that you have provided to them. There are some ways to accomplish it that includes:
Be a grateful service provider: You can make your clients feel valued as you can send them thank notes following site launch. You can convey a general message of appreciativeness of their patronage.
Clear Communication: It is always essential for you to have clear communication with your clients about price and other points. For instance, if you are looking forward for any changes to the plane, ensure that you notify your clients immediately. Be frank with them and honestly discuss everything.
Closing Views:
After the launch of the WordPress website, it is quite difficult for you to wipe your hands on the whole thing again. So, it is recommended to you to follow these tasks from current customers. Above mentioned 4 ways are easy to make yourself ready for long-term customers after launching a WordPress site. These ways can also help you to add income stream to your business and retaining clients, who would have otherwise on their way without you.

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