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5 Benefits of PHP Make it Nonpareil for Application Development

Benefits of PHP
If any other platform is used for such websites then they would become very heavy and take lot of time to refresh, but PHP minimizes all such hassles, thereby allowing the website to function smoothly, and thus we see the increase in use of PHP application development. Some more benefits of PHP can be listed as below:

Open Source:

Another benefit of PHP application development is that it is open source, this makes it cost effective tool as it can be then used royalty free. It is also backed by a huge community of PHP developers, who work to gather to strengthen the platform through updates and help other developers when struck with a query during the development process.

Easy to Integrate:

Integration refers to seamlessly merging third party application on a PHP based website. Integration, though possible would have been a headache when working on other platforms, however PHP provides for easy integration for various open source content management systems like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, osCommerce, Magento and vBulletin.

Cross Platform/Browser Compatibility:

Dynamic websites operate on a database at the base, PHP provides for easy data base creation as PHP application development can support different databases like MySQL, Sybase, MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle and PosterSQL.
PHP is excellent for developing cross platform compatible applications as it also supports all major operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux as well as multiple web servers like Apache and IIS.

SEO Friendly Development:

In this time of SEO friendly web development, it is important that the websites developed are SEO friendly, but if you are using PHP then you need to worry less about it because PHP can be optimized easily.
There are many PHP sites that rank on the first page of Google, it is often said that a dynamic website developed using PHP is the best you could do to boost your website’s ranking.

Easy to Customize:

Different web application development platforms come with different limitations when it comes to tweaking and twisting the application to suit client’s requirements, but it is not the same when doing PHP application development. PHP applications can be easily molded to suit client requirements.
All these benefits of PHP application development make it the best option for web or desktop application development for shopping carts, CMS, enterprise solutions, social networking sites, CRM etc.

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