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5 Major Mistakes That Demolish Your Mobile Application

Are you thinking to develop a mobile application? Well, it is an extremely good idea as these days, mobile applications are extremely popular and have made things a lot simpler.

With the constant rise in the usage of mobile, more and more people are looking forward to developing an application that makes their work a lot easier. We cannot ignore the importance and usage of mobile that we are noticing these days.

So, if you are going to begin your first mobile application development task, you should avoid these mistakes that can demolish your mobile app project:

Ignoring Major Mobile Platforms

When it comes to developing a mobile application, a lot of people are ignoring major mobile platforms like Android, Windows, Blackberry and more.

You would find a lot of developers, who are mainly going with iOS platform due to its huge popularity and security.

However, iOS is extremely popular in the USA market and the Android OS is ultimate among its users on a global platform. Therefore, developers should consider all these points and should not ignore other major mobile platforms.

Not Considering the Connectivity Problems

As we all know that one of the biggest benefits that mobile applications are offering to its customers is the instant data access from anywhere and anytime. But you know that these benefits turn into disadvantages when these apps are accessed from a place where data connection is weak.

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In such cases, mobile applications become useful without a data connection. It is essential that your mobile application must have the capacity to handle the tender data connection without getting hanged every time.

Not Accounting for Touch

There are lots of mobile applications, who have been failed due to they are nothing more than scaled-down PC applications.

There are many applications that are not capable enough of addressing the difference between a touch-based interface and a mouse-based interface. They become useful on a touch-based interface.

When it comes to mouse-based interface, small buttons work wonderfully, but they do not work for touch.

Not Optimizing For Speed

Recently, a research has been conducted about the speed of the mobile application that is extremely important for mobile applications than it is for typical websites.

Many a time, mobile users lack time and do not have endurance for slow applications. Do you have an idea how much does a slow application hurt user adoption? Once Google found it that a half-second pause in load time resulted in a 20% drop in traffic.

Not Considering the Agile Approach to Development

While developing a mobile application, if you are ignoring the agile development approach as a whole, it is extremely negative on the part of your app’s popularity.

Previously, the linear approach of development, where developers used to collect the information, noting down it and developing the needs, creating specifications and ultimately developing an application.

This become outdated with the time as with the advancement in the technology, the need of worthwhile and different approach, which can alter itself with the changes is required.

So, these are the major mistakes that every mobile app developer should avoid as these mistakes can destroy your mobile application.

In case, if you are getting any problem while developing a mobile application, it is good to hire an experienced mobile app developer from any trusted mobile development company.

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Publish on May 15 2015