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2015's Top 8 Mobile App Design Trends to Watch Out

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We are already in the sixth month of 2015, and still there are a lot of trends that are changing at a rapid pace.
Sometimes, it becomes a quite difficulty to keep pace with trends, but when it comes to talking about trends of mobile application designing, it is must to keep pace with all the latest trends in order to design a high-end mobile application.
There are lots of designers, who often blindly simulate trends without applying any second thought.
As a professional mobile app designer, it is must to focus on enhancing user experience and engagement levels, and ultimately enhance the overall results.
Here, you can find 2015’s top 8 Mobile App Design Trends that you should watch out to design your app astonishingly:

Bigger & Quality Images

In 2015, bigger and high-quality images in application designs are getting a lot of popularity.
Now, you can find lots of free, unique stock image websites and faster broadband speeds. Across the world, all the people are visual creatures, and it will be continued in 2015 as well.

Semi-Flat & Material Design

Flat Design
These days, smart-phones and mobile devices epitomize the speed and power. As like smart-phones have acquired – approach to mobile app designing has also percipient a paradigm shift.
Now, material design is gaining huge popularity as it is a natural progression of Apple’s flat design.
It is a new concept, and Google has adopted this unique to decrease design, but managing to develop visual hints. Material design, surface and shadow found a physical structure to explain what can be touched and move.


When it comes to designing an application, it is all about a user-interface. Navigation plays a very significant role and must be your first focus.
These days, a lot of users are getting used to mobile apps and are demanding a clearly designed app navigation. Therefore, you should make sure that your menu be the most refined and well designed elements.

More Swipe Than Before

The screen of the device is not only a touch target, but it is also a gesture target.
In app designing, touching as well as gesture capabilities and more gesture-based actions are dominating.
Generally, swipe gestures are used to go back, trigger actions like liking, deleting and sharing, reaching the menu and more.
Users can get an instant, effective and comfortable experience for hand gestures as a bigger area of the screen can be used for a function.

Contrast with Subtle Colors

While designing an application, designers need to give focus on more cooler, software and subtle colors.
However, there is also huge need of big contrast for good visibility in app design, but contrast becomes friendly.
Designers should also avoid the brassy red-green web safe color contrast. They can make use of more blasé dark blue beige.

Excellent Typography

If you get tired of using boring fonts like Arial and Verdana, now no more in 2015 as there are lots of high-quality fonts that obtainable.
Through AppMachine, you can different fonts while making your application. It doesn’t mean that you should use all of them. Remember to make it as clean as possible. Adding CAPS can boost the look of your typography, but it is best to use sparingly.

Hand-drawn Examples

It is a dauntless prediction as we all have noticed that small illustrations’ pop-up throughout the years.
These days, large imagery, strong font and pleasing colors becoming standard, mobile app designers are looking forward to differentiating with the designs, which take hard work.

Monoline Fonts

In 2015, monoline fonts have also gained a lot of popularity as this type of font makes use of one-line thickness throughout the design. This type of fonts can be easily used in illustrations.
It will give a very clean look to it. You will be unified as the same line thickness used throughout by combining typography and illustration together.
Various designers have started using this style in icon design, apparel design and illustrations. It will work wonderfully if you make use of just one color with the design.
So, these are 2015’s top 8 mobile application designing trends that every designer should follow in order to develop a high-end mobile app.
Moreover, if you are looking forward to hiring one such mobile app designers, who have huge information on the latest trends, you can get in contact with us!

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