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Why Mobile App Developers Are Shifting Towards Mobile Commerce?

Mobile App Developers to Mcommerce

Are you a mobile developer? If yes, your role will alter in the near future due to mobile app shopping as you will change your role from a developer to a “value-adding re-seller”.

Now-a-days, online shopping has been divided into mobile apps also as wide range of people prefer to purchase products and services online using mobile devices.

In this busy shopping season, more than 31% of all online purchases are going to happen on mobile devices, and it is one of the biggest changes from last year. With this, we can imagine a very good and healthy future for mobile app developers.

As per the Matt Asa, the applications would be developed by developers before being sold to Facebook.

What this meant, as ReadWrite’s Dan Rowinski highlighted, is a non-existent middle class of mobile developers: “The revenue distribution is so heavily skewed towards the top that just 1.6% of developers make multiples of the other 98.4% combined.” Nearly half of all mobile developers make nothing at all.

Part of this derives from the revenue models available to mobile developers. While the desktop web has a healthy advertising-based market, mobile ads have been slow to catch on, and getting someone to notice and then pay for an app is even harder.

To give clear view on this, mobile applications have included those on tablets and smart-phones. But you have any idea how these applications will prove to be more lucrative for developers? Have a look on the blow important elements from Asay’s article.

The Adobe Digital Index (ADI) has estimated the buying behaviors of American consumers since 2008. It has tracked approximately 1 trillion visits to 4500 retail websites at that time, and it also estimated that 20 billion visits to eCommerce websites in the month of October 2014.

It conveys into the analysis – 70% of all money spent online with the top 500 retailers, and comparing to last-year’s predictions failing within 1% of real spend.

We can say that Adobe Digital Index is extremely wonderful measure of purchasing behaviors.

Adobe Digital Index

However, you would find some of the findings that offering clues to when to get good deals – for example, ADI says that to find the best deal is Thanksgiving Day, when the average discount hits 24%.

In some of the years, online shopping has touched new heights that lots of retailers including both in-store set of deals on Black Friday. It is perfect deal day for all those people, who wanted to take benefit of all the good deals.

We can say that mobile is a highly natural extension of online shopping trend as utmost number of people has smart-phone now.

How Mobile Market Began to Take Over

For the holiday season, mobile shopping is projected to be at 31% this year that is highly important and high percentage of holiday shoppers when you consider just how many people will turn for Black Friday deals.

Moreover, Asay also says, shoppers are increasingly visiting stores only to look at a product before purchasing it online on their mobile device, a trend called “showrooming.”

But what about tablet shopping? It seems turning-out tablets are losing their popularity.

mobile share of sales

What it means for Developers?

Before selling it to a social network, the business model of developing an application to a social network has prevented mobile developers from maximizing their income off apps because of the part of the lack of grip mobile ads.

But according to the Goldman Sachs reports, there are some rumors of a growing niche in the market, reviewed in the article by Jay Fiore stating that “M-commerce” will eventually account for near half of all e-commerce sales in 2018.

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