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Make Your Mobile Ecommerce Websites Fast & User-friendly


In this emerging trend of mobile phones, e-Commerce businesses are also competing to get mobile e-Commerce websites to provide useful and rich shopping experience to their customers.
Approximately 44% of American shoppers are not returning on those websites that are not mobile optimized, so mobile optimized websites are play a big role in making your business successful. According to recently release report from mobile development firm Netbiscuits, 76% of users are even not trying those websites that are not mobile optimized and turning to a competitive site.
Mobile Performance is highly significant:
As we all know that shoppers hate those websites that are slow to open and take time to load pictures and response to your clicks. No matter whether they are accessing internet from their mobile phone or computer, they hate such websites, so if you provide mobile based e-Commerce website to your customers, make sure that it response quickly and work speedily.
According to Hoelzle, if you are speeding up your services, people are becoming more engaged and when they are engaged more, they click and buy more. Forrester Research reported in 2012 that approximately twice as many mobile internet users leave those websites that are not loading quickly as those users who access websites from computers. So, e-Commerce businesses need to give importance to performance of their websites that are specially developed for mobile devices.
Make Sure to have balance of Speed and Engagement in Site Design
All the mobile customers and shoppers want good and useful information and they want it at their ease, so e-Commerce businesses need to apply few tactics like responsive, adaptively and delivery. When it comes to responsive, it is a website’s ability to change its layout in response to the screen or window characteristics. If you have responsive website, it supports with different devices like laptops, computers, smart-phones and more.
According to the screen resolutions, your website support for it. With flowing style sheets, responsivity is best managed to present site and application content in the best way that suites user’s device and interface. When it comes to adaptivity, it is site’s ability to change content like the size of an image file that based on the users’ device.
For a desktop user, a website is delivering a large 1000 pixel square image at 125KB for a desktop users’ experience, but provides a 300-pixel square image at 25KB for an iPhone. The website is not simply resizing the image in the browser, but providing a right-sized picture that provide an experience similar to what a user can get on desktop.
Ensure that fast Does not Mean Lean
Along with speed, online shoppers and users do not want to compromise content, videos and images. Today, smart-phone and tablet users are looking to get same experience that they get from a desktop or laptop system, so businesses need to consider that fast does not mean lean. According to the Netbiscuits report, the desire for rich content was essential to nearly twice as many respondents as was mobile internet security.
So, e-Commerce businesses need to consider various points while developing mobile based e-Commerce sites. So, above mentioned are some important points by which you can make your e-Commerce website fast, user-friendly and easy-to-use. You can consider these points and make your website fast to increase your sales and profit.

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Publish on Oct 28 2013