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The Mobile POS – Using iPad getting It Right

At the time of Dot Com buzz, so many predictions were airing around for vanishing of brick stores. After the lapse of decades, brick stores are there, and they have embraced the web as multichannel sales strategies including ecommerce, ads, social media, etc.

Emergence of Mobile POS

The Point of Sale (POS) is constantly evolving in brick store retailers with the evolution of computing device forms so from traditional desktops to laptops, kiosks, and now mobile POS are buzzing across the corners of the global brick-and-mortar market.
Mobile POS are around the corners since long and providing valuable extensions to the traditional POS, for large or hard-to-move items such as fridges, bags, home appliances, etc.

Advantages of Mobile POS for Modern Businesses

Today in high-service environments, mobile POS are providing freedoms for sales associates to move around the floor for active sale, better customer experiences, and quick turnarounds.
Mobile POS generate new possibilities for sales in the case of outdoor fairs, parking lot sales, backyard sales, sport event sales, etc. where the existence of traditional POS may prove a nightmare.
In the leading retails including discount stores, grocery stores, and such high-volume environment, traditional POS are inevitable at front-end checkout points; mobile POS can act as line-busting services during peak hours.

iPad the Best Choice for POS

Since POS need comparatively larger screens, smartphones prove useless for the majority of cases and tablets have room to become mobile POS device of choice hence, mobile POS becomes synonyms of iPad POS.
Yes, iPad is a selection of tablet version due to its impeccable features, functionality, and technological advancement provided by Apple on iOS platform.

iPad Advantages

A Recent version of iPad has the largest screen resolutions around 12 inches so big UI grand enough room to work with speed and comfort with big size fingers against traditional pointing devices like a mouse.
A Recent version of iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro seemingly are cost efficient choices to harbor your POS software. Apart from large screen size, iPad has more computing power and battery power compared to a smartphone to withstand against huge and complicated processes in your POS software.
Besides big form factor, iPad has the ability to use mobile network capabilities such as 3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi, and finally wired The Internet. With in-built NFC chips and iBeacon circuits, additional modes of connectivity are available to accomplish internal location-based functions.
For instance, in big retail store items have displayed, and relevant info has delivered using real-time location updates through iBeacon technologies.
When a sale person recognizes a potential buyer of the particular items, she can send push notifications and pricing as well as marketing incentive through automatically downloaded smartphone apps in the client devices in the hands of store visitors.

Instant Payment

With iPad POS, the salesperson can close deal instantly on the floor in front of shoppers and receive payments through instant sweeping of credit/debit cards of shoppers on the floor without drawing them on remote fixed POS points.
Besides these, NFC-enabled iPad can receive secure payment through physical touch of handheld devices like a smartphone with iPad or iPad with iPad from the tech-savvy modern shoppers.
Some retailers have a good option of M-commerce payment acceptance, and mobile POS allows it easily.

Additional Purchases

It ultimately grants two kinds of advantages against the investment of iPad POS. The first is opportunities for more sale because once the checkout process is accomplishing instantly and in real-time, shoppers would have ideas to spend more on other as well as allied items present in the store at different locations.

Mitigate Show-rooming

The second benefit is the biggest one, and it is combating “showrooming” phenomenon. It is a new headache for retailers of today. Visitors use the store as a showroom for merchandise they have intended to buy. After making their minds, they go online for a comparison-shopping, and secure deal with the best offer presented anywhere else.
With mobile POS and the combination of iBeacon technologies as well as some other technical network measures, sales associates can secure an instant deal with visitors looking for bargain opportunities by offering the indecisive shoppers to required incentives and comparisons against rests.

Quick & Efficient Inventory Management

Fundamentally, iPad is handheld device so sales associates can move freely in the premise or store equipped with Wi-Fi like personal network connected with the Internet or inbuilt mobile network like 3G/4G access.
This mobility enables them to reach at the products where shoppers are waiting to purchase without passing through the long process of fixed checkout points. Sales associates can scan the products with attached scanner and create invoice automatically.
Payment process could be simple due to attached hardware of card scanners, so it needs simple sweeps of the card and accomplish the checkout process on the spot. The most important thing is automatic inventory management through iPad or says mobile POS. As soon as associate scan the products and accomplish sales, inventory management process begins in the background and database updated.
It reflects on all iPad POS points and shows the status of the availability of products as well as issues notifications for orders or simply replaces the products as per settings.
Besides these, iPad POS helps in sales schedule process, discount, custom price tags, supplier database updates, order management, and plenty of other functions based on how your system is advanced.

Excellent Customer Management

Mobile POS is mean to customer comfort and positive experiences. Therefore, it can keep detailed records of customers through volunteer data furnishing by sales associates who are establishing good rapports with them through decent manners and behavior.
Many payment gateway modules allow POS to keep innocent and basic info of the successful transactions during card sweeping or other methods of payment. Thus, CRM database improves automatically and offer various sales, marketing, and long-term customer relationship opportunities.
With high-end iPad POS, you can collect info regarding your shoppers such as their names, address, phone numbers, email address, etc. You can store the purchase history of consumers and can run loyalty programs or offer occasional incentives to win more sale with repeat buying.
The basic information of customers and contacts enable the business to do effective marketing or prepare marketing strategies to run marketing campaigns.

Staff Management & Security

With appropriate authentication system in your iPad POS, you can track presence and absence of your employees/associates who use it. You can collect staff reports from the POS database via appropriate modules.
The most significant benefits are cash tracking through POS and overall performance report for your business. Moreover, today security features like image taking, PIN, and biometrics of POS operators assure secure deal and transactions in any open premises without surveillance camera.

Get Big Picture

Mobile POS have reporting tools and analytics features to give you an overall picture of your business such as sales reports, financial statements, history comparison, top products, performance reports, account and purchase reports, etc.


We know the limitations and advantages of mobile POS in-depth. Today modern iPad versions are capable of overcoming most of the drawbacks and offer additional benefits such as overcoming “Show-rooming” phenomenon, secure and instant payment, smart inventory management, reporting, administration, and other useful benefits for brick and brick-to-click businesses.
However, leveraging most from the iPad POS is only possible with high-end mobile POS software development and it is only possible with highly experienced and expert team of mobile POS developers or a Mobile Application Development Company like Perception System with required infrastructure, communication abilities, and skill sets.

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