Online Retail Sales in Europe Expected to double to EUR 323 billion by 2018

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According to Mintel, an independent marketing research firm that based in London, Online retail sales in Europe is expected to double to EUR 323 billion by 2018. In online retail sales, the leading countries like Germany, UK and France will remain on the top of the list while other countries like Polan, Netherlands and Spain will grow with quick pace. However, Norway as well as Sweden will also have the highest online per-capita spend as per the Mintel.
According to Jon Merce, a European Retail Analyst at Mintel, In Europe, there is one of the biggest North-South divides in e-commerce. However, when it comes to talk about the Northern part of the Europe, it is more vigorous on the online retail front because France covers 5 years behind the likes of Germany as well as England. Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy are behind.
The research constantly goes on that also stated that the Amazon, a popular online retail portal, is extending its Europe-wide market share with 9.8% of share in 2012 from 9.2% in 2011.
While the other most popular retail store “Otto”, which is a close rival to Amazon, saw a drawback of 3.3%. Mintel also said that the Amazon will double its Europe share in the next three to four years.
We can say that Amazon was performing wonderfully regardless of having five dedicated countries websites in Europe, in Germany, Britain, Spain, France and Italy.
However, another most popular conclusion comes from the research is that the British is one of the best online grocery shoppers. Mintel represented Europeans’ top 10 with Tesco holding its market share steady at 2.3% and Walmart-owned Asda and Sainsbury on 1.1% and 0.9% respectively.
By looking at these percentages, we can imagine the recognition of online grocery shopping in Britain. When it comes to mainland Europe, online shopping is mostly non-grocery according to Mercer. He also said that it is not going to change fast as people will stick with same.
The British and French opt for taking up their goods in stores while Germans have their goods delivered when it comes to consider the collecting of goods behavior of customers. According to Mintel, Britain as well as France both have the sturdy demand for purchasing online and collecting in-store while Germans, who are yet to take off this service.
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