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Optimizing E-commerce Websites for Tablets and Smartphone


The process of buying and selling on internet is very common these days. The technology which is used for this purpose is E-commerce. Prominent names like Amazon, eBay and Etsy are frequently introducing mobile applications for their devices.
Following are the main points on who to optimize your websites for Tablets & Smartphone:
Help the user in knowing the main content:

Help the user in knowing the main content

screen of the mobile devices is small. Use drop-down boxes in order to facilitate the user not to scroll down the page in knowing the main idea.
Viewer is important:

Viewer is important

One of the important aspects of optimizing your website for e-commerce is to think as you are the reader. You have to summarize the needs and features in order to give them the best browsing experience. This results in high turnover for tablets and Smartphone users.
Users are your ultimate target. Prepare yourself before hand in knowing about your users, whether they are Android or iOS or using tablets or Smartphone.
Navigate properly:

Navigate properly

In order to help user conveniently navigate your website, it is important to keep your navigation bar at the bottom of the website. It helps the user in moving to other sections of your website when he finishes reading an article. But if it is an e-commerce website it is also advisable to keep it at the top and breadcrumbs.
The Most-Wanted Pages First:

The Most-Wanted Pages First

Essential information pages are to be at the top. You can do this by eliminating unwanted pages and offers. Single-click buttons or horizontal bars will give you assurance of better results.
Minimum use of Content:

Minimum use of Content

Make sure the customers see more of the product and not keep themselves busy navigating your website. Highlight main content or features and be careful not to include non-relevant matter. You may achieve this by excluding navigation bars on your website.
Concise information will definitely load faster as compared to those which has images, graphics etc in it. If it is not possible to exclude graphics then make it more user-friendly by re-sizing and retooling your images. Include only keyword rich-content.
Use single column Layout:

Use single column Layout

Visibility and readability is very important for the users. You have to choose the best option of the layout and use of single column layout will solve the problem. By formatting your information into a single column layout your website will be optimize and the user will be happy not to zoom in to read the content.
Usability Testing

Usability Testing

In order to keep your mobile website user friendly and find out what is wrong with your website, Usability testing is a must. Just send your website to a group of testers (someone who is not a part of your team), get their feedback and try to implement those in your website.
It is advisable to do usability testing for your mobile e-commerce websites so that your website will be fully optimized. E.g. including just a small size of Search Box will help users to search easily.
Doesn’t use hide and search option on your desktop sites.
Minimum number of clicks:

Minimum no. of clicks

While designing or develop your websites for the mobile users try to restrict the user to minimum number of clicks. (Maximum 2 clicks) If the user keeps busy in clicking than it may be possible that your competitor get the attraction. Small navigation links are hard for the mobile users to see so try not to keep the navigation links as small as possible.
Best Language to be used:

Best Language to be used

Use HTML5 instead of any other program as it allows creating a single application and can be used at various platforms. HTML5 is user-friendly with Android, iOS, BlackBerry and even Windows Phone.
Offer Only What Mobile Users Want

Offer Only What Mobile Users Want

Optimize by cluttering out advanced functionalities. Include those things which you think the user will be interested in using a cell phone. E.g. A user won’t bother to fill out a loan application on a mobile phone. Instead he will be happy to do bank transfers, check out branch and ATM locations and their account balances.
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