Perception System, a leading web, enterprise and mobile app Development Company, has partnered with Rchilli, a CV and Data Parsing software service, to offer effective resume management service.


Perception System partnership with Rchilli to best address the requirements of Job Board solution providers with escalating hiring at low cost and of better quality.

Cloud based parser of Rchilli helps job site owners to extract candidate’s information from resume and can classify them in particular assigned fields. This software shows candidate’s profile uniquely for each resume parsed.

This software is best for all resume managing companies as it comes with rich features, including controlling and storing resumes, managing workflow, etc. in professional manner. Now, simplification of resumes and understanding the intricacies of hiring become easy with Rchilli.

Partnering with Rchilli, we ensure our job board clients to deliver all essential features of Rchilli software that what they are looking in their job websites.