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PhotoScrambler – An App to Secure Your Photos From Unwanted Use

PhotoScrambler Application in WindowsPhone
Are you looking for an application that secures your photos from unwanted use? PhotoScrambler is a new feature-rich application that is obtainable for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices to encode and decode your JPEG or PNG photos.
In this wonderful application, all the images are stored as any other image file, but all that you can see in a static image. Now, it becomes extremely easy for you to protect your photos with personal secret code so that only you and trusted people (to whom you give the code) can see them. However, rest of the people will only see just random scrambled images.
To get accustomed, this application is taking little time, but once you get hang of things, the application does have a bit of appeal. With this application, your initial order of business is to set a passcode, which will protect the application itself from an unauthorized use. Once you set this application, it has two major things including:
Main Menu: Here, you can find different options to scramble pictures, unscramble photos, launch a secure camera and a Safe Share option.
Settings: To set scramble codes, changing your passcode and change the default image size, this page offers different options.
In order to scramble images, you will be prompted to choose pictures from your Windows Phone Pictures Hub. Once you choose it, the next step is to develop a scramble code and image size after processing.
You will also get an option to overwrite the real image or save the scrambled image as new. From the Settings page, scramble codes can be pre-defined for ease of accessing.
Windows Phone Pictures Hub
All those images that are scrambled can be saved in your Windows Phone Pictures Hub and can be uploaded to OneDrive or any other cloud service. The picture will stay scrambled until PhotoScrambler decodes things. If you are looking forward for getting complete information on the features of this application, below you can find:

  • Take encoded photos with built-in camera
  • Encode/decode JPEG and PNG photos
  • Add custom photo-scrambling codes, descriptions and colors
  • Allowing to share encoded photos with your friends
  • Define App’s password
  • Choosing Photo size after processing

All the images that you have secure will be saved as photos, so you can store them in your phone’s Pictures libraries, upload them on cloud servers like OneDrive, Dropbox or iCloud or similar. They will remain completely safe even after the cloud service is hacked.
Photos that you have protected with this high-end application will stay safe and secure no matter which of your friend borrows your phone. The best thing about this application that not even a malicious repair person can decode your images without the code.
Users are able to scramble and unscramble photos directly from phone’s gallery by just selecting photos and choosing PhotoScrambler from “Share with” application list.


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Publish on Jan 28 2015