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Are You Ready to Handle Flood of Customers On this Christmas Season?


We all know that Christmas is on the way that makes each and every person busy in shopping. What about your e-commerce website, is it ready to serve your customers exceptionally? Is your e-commerce website offering all those facilities that make your customers shopping wonderful? If no, it is a perfect time to make your e-commerce website Christmas ready so that your customers can purchase a range of products without any hassle.
Many of you all thinks that it may be too early to prepare for Christmas, but you are running an e-commerce website, so it is not too early to get ready for Christmas. Preparing your e-commerce website is one of the major keys to maximize the sales on this Christmas period, so we can say that it is never too early to get ready for Christmas.
According to a new Accenture report on Holiday season (Christmas season), more than 65% of online shoppers are planning for “webroom” on this Christmas season, and survey also respondents that avoiding costs (47%) as well as feeling a product before purchasing were customers’ earlier motivations for shopping, but now they prefer to purchase online; therefore, it is very essential for all the e-commerce websites to make their website ready for this Christmas season.
There are many e-commerce retailers, who are looking to surpass their last year’s e-commerce sales by getting more and more customers, who are purchasing using different devices and channels from the comfort of their home with lots of choices. Here, I have shared 8 essential tips that can help you to make your e-commerce website Christmas ready so that you can easily surpass your last year’s e-commerce sales and attain your goal.
1). User-friendly or Easy Accessible:
One of the major points that you should consider while making your e-commerce site Christmas ready is user-friendliness. User-friendly or easy accessible is a key component that directly impacts your website from a business as well as marketing view-point. We can say that user-friendliness is one such point that is between your customers and your customers’ goal.
And As an e-commerce retailer, it is your responsibility to make that distance as small as possible for you. You should try to make your website as easy accessible as possible so that your customers easily access your entire website and find what they are looking for. To make your website user-friendly, you should consider below mentioned two points in your mind:

  • Look & Feel: If you are trying to making your e-commerce site user-friendly, you can give importance to the look and feel of your site as it can impact huge on your customers’ find. If your site has attractive look and gives your customers a positive feeling, your customers will surely tempt towards it and purchase products.
  • Way of Displaying Products: To make your site friendlier than before, you should consider the way you are displaying products on your home page and other pages. You should try to cover a complete range of products on your website’s home-page so that your customers easily find it.

For instance, if you are selling 10 to 15 products on your e-commerce, make sure you cover all those products on the homepage, but if you are selling a variety of products on your site, you need to cover at-least single product from different product-lines.
2). Positiveness:
To make your e-commerce website Christmas ready, it is also important to check that whether your e-commerce website has positiveness in it or not. You should try to mention something positive on your website so that your customers find answers of their different queries or he will not leave with any doubts in his mind.
There are lots of ways to make your site positive like you need to include product photography that demonstrate your products from different angles, include any relevant and reliable detail shots that can help shoppers to experience your product.
3). Highlight Discount & free gifts for up-selling:
If you also want to boost sales of your products, you should high-light discounts, offers and free gifts that you are offering to your customers. On this special Christmas season, it is much important for you to highlight all your offers and special discounts so that your customers come to know about your each offer, discount and free gift that you are offering especially for them.
For example, If you are running a smart-phones selling website and if you are providing a memory card with all smart-phones or particular smart-phones as a free gift, you should highlight that free gift so that your customers come to know about your free gift.
4). Continue Highlighting of Free shipping:
Make sure that you continuously highlight free shipping service if you are offering it on your e-commerce website because there are lots of online shoppers, who prefer to purchase only from those e-commerce websites that offer free shipping on their products. No matter whether you are offering free shipping on your all products or particular products, you need to mention it clearly and constantly to make your customers aware about it.
5) Mention Testimonials on your Site:
It is also better for you to mention testimonials on your e-commerce website as you can find various online shoppers, who first prefer to review testimonials on your site and then proceed with their shopping. Ensure that you go with video testimonials as video testimonials are more trustworthy compare to written testimonials. In the video testimonials, words are directly coming from your customers’ mouth, so your website visitors can easily trust on video testimonials and get ready to purchase your products. Make sure you mention testimonial with every related product.
6) Highlight Christmas on every Product-line:
We all know that Christmas is one of the most exciting festivals in everyone’s life, so try to high-light it at everywhere like in every product line. By highlighting Christmas in each category page, you can make your customers feel exciting that Christmas is just on the way and tempt them towards your different products. It is also best to constantly memorize your customers that special festive season is coming and it is time to make some purchase and celebrate.
7) Target Your Old Customers:
On this special Christmas season, you can target your old customers, who have had purchase some kind of products from your website in past. You can send an email to all those old customers and offer them special offer and discount on your products. You can make them feel that they are your old customers and they are precious for you.
By offering particular amount of discount, you can target all your old customers and compel them to make purchasing from your site again. For instance, if your old customer had purchased some curtains from your website in the past, this time, you can again send them an email in which you can provide them some bed-sheets and new designer curtains or any other related products with special discount.
These are different points that can help you to make your e-commerce website Christmas ready, so make sure to consider these points and get lots of benefits on this Christmas season. Click here for more solution.

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