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How Your Rivals Beat You in eCommerce Business?

We have seen some things that are more frustrating for your business rather than looking potential customer move towards your rivals.

There are business knowing that this is happening with them, however, they are unable to recognize that why they are losing sales to their rivals.

Potential customers are surrendered by online business to rivals as they don’t an optimized conversion funnel that effortlessly leads users from the starting discovery of their brands to an authentic conversion objective.

Thus, users are moving towards another site that have better understanding of content, enhance market visibility, a clearer navigation path for purchasing services/products.

Apart from, there are many reasons that beat your eCommerce business by your competitors such as:

Minimum Promotion across Multiple Digital Marketing Channels

Using various digital marketing channels is one of the most essential tricks to promote your brand online. If you are using different types of digital marketing channels, it can take your online marketing campaign on the huge height.

However, it also takes enough time to recognize which channel proves effective to increase business ROI.

Such thing is true in case, you have an eCommerce brand as many alternatives are available to deliver you great outcomes.

The advantages pay-per-click marketing helps business to get better result along with search engine optimization.

Both the channels are best, but when we are thinking to lock our ranking on the #1 on both paid and organic channels, studies have found that organic channels work well.

Potential customers are being drained off away from your business, if you are business rivals have both organic position and paid as well for that keyword you are trying to rank.

Limited Content Optimization

There are many websites stolen their business as their website doesn’t have high quality content to deliver value to customers and build loyalty.

During 2014, it is seen that more than 70% of marketers are making investment in content marketing as effective content plays an important role for your online business.

Previously, a blog is acceptable to have on a website that has features 250-word posts with little practical values to readers and readers along with helping SEO ranking.

Just one can have a good understanding to what search engines were looking for, and the technical SEO knowledge to develop posts, which targeted the business keywords.

Your website or blog content should be of high quality and should create lasting customer loyalty at the top of conversion funnel so that, users come and make purchase after many interactions with your business.

Those businesses, which aren’t doing this, SEO ranking is being is being consumed to competition, which is willing to place in the time and effort to develop interesting content.

Don’t allow your competitors steal your customers as it leads into low sales or loss. Offering users with unique and informative content will lead to more sales and thus, profit.

Fail to Add Personalization

One of the most popular trends of online businesses is to personalize content for particular users based on their requirements.

A better understanding of customer’s needs via demographics is needed by marketing personalization.

Once, you get a better idea of what your viewers are looking for then you are easily create a specific content for them.

There is huge chance for brands to get ahead of the competition with personalization option. However, more than 32% of online retailers are not using any sort of website customization in 2014 to get new customers at a rival’s expense.

Remarketing display and search ads, creating segments of your website, email newsletters, etc. is created by using great tools.

Ensure to create unique content, considering particular audience in your mind and after that, target demographics to those pages.

Such things make easier for your business to engage users and bring them content at all the parts of your conversion funnel, which is more customized to the particular products/services that they might be seeking to buy.

website personalization

Those website-owners, who are not personalizing content for their users, would be giving them uninteresting content.

Such thing will provide advantage to the competitors to get more users’ attention with content that particularly customized for them. Moreover, your competitors can get opportunity to steal potential customers from you.

Poor/ No Mobile Presence

Businesses, who don’t have an optimized mobile presence, can steal their potential customers and businesses from getting traffic.

About 74% of marketers, who are on mobile, are planning on scaling up their spending in the next 2 years. However, if your business is not on mobile then it will leave your brand behind the competition.


Bad Website Design that fails to convert traffic

It is advisable to make an effective online point of sale that helps you to convert traffic as much as possible to ensure that your competitors are not stealing your online sales.

That simply means you have to create website that is stimulating to a users, but primarily created to convert customers in to buyers.

You have to map out your website’s navigation to convert users. Ensure to create navigation, which seems to be logical from its initial point and helps to enhance conversions ratio.

Additionally, you have to ensure to work out on your website’s analytics such as time on page, bounce rate, exit rate, and so on.

We know that clear-cut navigation is essential; however, to convert your audience into buyers, you have to test new elements on your website to understand what people understand highly.

We all know that small things like CTA copy, color, size, and page layout can plan an important role to increase conversion ratio and through testing, one can only find the proper combination of users converting.

AB Testing Usage

Right now, 41% of digital marketers are using A/B testing tools and taking advantage of conversion rate optimization, they are getting ahead of their competitors.

Don’t Allow Your Competitors to Rob You

When you feel like you are losing audience that means your business is offering services/products that are not measuring up to your competition.

But, there is enough time to do with product’s quality and more you have to do with online conversion funnel to capture targeted customer base.

conversion funnel

Thus, these are some commonest issues that we usually face when potential customers are stealing by our competitors. So, now you have to look out such points and save your eCommerce business from your rivals.

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