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Role of Infographic in Content Success for Link Building in 2016

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Infographics simply means Data visualization. It is one type of graphic that displays and explains information, whether that be data or words. Any text or links that showed in the image cannot be searched by search engine. Furthermore, links in infographics are not clickable.
The word “Infographic” was one of the hottest buzzwords in the Link Building Campaigns across the globe in 2013. Many SEOs are coming with the latest tactics to enhance their brand relevancy. However, “Finding Link Prospects” is still one of the toughest tasks and hence, they are complaining about lack of proper channel that enhance their response rates and make them leader of Content Marketing in 2016.

Why Infographics?

According to some survey, it is revealed that Infographics secures second position amongst all Link Building Tactics that most search engine optimizers across the globe. There are many reasons that say Infographics is an important aspect in Link Building such as:

  • It is one of the easiest ways to manage collected data and present it statistics rapidly.
  • If managed rightly, it can open new avenues for Link Building
  • Allows you to spread your brand identity and represents through eye-popping visual content.
  • Helps to simplify and automate the creative workflow
  • Creating an eye-catchy infographics becomes a WOW factor that allows you audience to spread through their social networking site.
  • Want to Build Quality Links and Attain Traffic Tricks? Below are 4 Tips

Make Eye-catchy

It is advisable to select hottest and trendiest topic and collect essential data. It is recommended to use some eye-catchy and suited colors to create infographics as looks matter a lot. Spread your infographics like a plague as you don’t know what charms your audience.

“Post” and “Share” to Reach Your Target Audience

Remember to post your infographics to your own blog and search out more blogs that are related to your publish infographics. It would be great to leave comment like: “Awesome information shared!! Check out this infographic _________ (your Infographic URL) _______-to visualize the information better!!” for more visit.
You can also add some widgets of largest social networking platforms of your web page through which you can share the infographics. For example, you can add “Like” button from Facebook, “Pin it” from Pinterest, “A LinkedIn Share” and “A +1 from Google Plus”. If you are finding relevancy in your content, you can also check out Reddit, Digg and Stumble Upon. Pinterest is one of the prefect platforms to share your infographics among all as it helps you to turn your content viral.

  • Other thing you can do it to join relevant group to the domain of your topics and participate in active discussion. You can also be active in your Facebook account and write something related to Infographic on “timeline” (Facebook Timeline).
  • Apart from, you can also share link with your LinkedIn contacts through “Send to Individuals” and “Post to Groups”.
  • Lastly, you can also draft good email proposals, attaching to your infographics and invite people to see it, like it or share it.

Generate Genuine Link Requests

One of the most powerful tactics to promote your infographics is through generating genuine Link requests. It is possible, if you have long contact list of people, who trust you and doing same business like you. Furthermore, you can also create and maintain strong relationship with journalists, content marketers, major search engine optimizers, and so on. It is advisable to keep a category-wise directory if all the potential connections on “Google Docs” to make your task simpler.

Add “Embed Code” section

People, who like your infographics, surely add it on their own Blog/Page. Many a time, they are taking your infographics and explaining it their own words. This is where an embedded code section is helpful to increase the chance of generating good inbound links.
Furthermore, it also helps generate referral traffic. If you want to generate an embed code, then you can use “Siege Media Embed Code generator”.
Entertaining your customers through eye-catchy infographics is something they can find worthy to share among their friends and colleagues. If you also want to content your text into graphical representation, then get amazing infographic design services from Perception System. We have experienced Infographic design team, who create visually impressive infographic for you. For more information, click here.

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