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The Cornerstones and Parameters of Shopping Website Design

So, if you’re a businessman who is using an e-commerce website to sell your products, then the most important thing that you should consider after developing a website for yourself is that you should design it perfectly.

Trust me, a nicely designed website for selling your products can raise your profits by leaps and bounds. It’s because people will always find a site that is attractive and easy-to-use more interesting to do their online shopping rather than one which is a complete hassle. Right?

So, today I am here with an in-detailed list of the principal things that you should keep in mind while designing an online shopping site.

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Design a striking homepage

Okay, the first thing comes first!! When people decide to explore your shopping site, then the first thing that they will come across is nothing but the homepage. Isn’t it? So, you should design it stupendously.

You can be sure about the fact that the products that you’re selling are well-displayed. You can use a sliding gallery consisting of all the best sellers, new-arrivals and the lucrative sale options.

Don’t go for a prior registration option

Would you like to sign-in for something that you are not still aware of in a perfect way? Of course not. So, neither your customers will like to do that. That’s why never go for an initial registering option for the customers who want to browse through your website to know about your products.

This is not at all a good move! So, always make sure that your website is free to browse through. On doing this, you’ll get more and more traffic as people would love to explore your site and purchase from the same as well.

Navigation should be easy

If for the very first time someone visits your website and finds it really tough to search the products that he or she is looking for then you can be sure about the fact that the person is never going to turn-up again towards you.

So, you should organize your navigation structure in a well-organized and strategic way. People should be able to find the products by brand, color, price-range etc. It will make the job easy for them. You must include your logo in the header and link the same back to your homepage.

Also, don’t forget to incorporate a search bar in your shopping site so that people will be able to navigate very easily.

Don’t make the ordering process long

For everyone time is something which is very precious! So, you should keep an important thing in your mind while designing your shopping site is that the ordering process should be fast and feasible for the customers. People will certainly not like to move round and round for placing just a simple online order!

The ordering process should be a one or two click process. You should not add multiple numbers of unnecessary forms one after one. Your customers will definitely not like to click on these things!!

Provide all the information in-detail

One of the most prominent mistakes that various e-commerce websites make while designing is that they don’t provide all kinds of information. Thus, it becomes a worst bad experience for the customers to shop from such a site.

So, make sure that everything that is important is mentioned very clearly and systematically. For example, contact details, good contents, FAQ’s, information about deals and coupons, etc. should be clearly accessible.

Lastly, to wrap the things up, I would certainly like to mention that you should consider the tips which are mentioned above while designing an e-commerce website. And if you do so, it is for sure that you will end up taking your e-business to another level!

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Joseph Payne is the marketing manager at, deals and discounts provider company. He is passionate about money savings, investment and finance industry. In addition, Joseph also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.

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