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Best Strategies Ecommerce Merchants To Promote and Sell New Product Line

promote new product line

There are numerous ways for ecommerce retailers to market a new product line, and many of them will need to be employed if you wish to gain any form of positive attention for a new product. It is human nature to assume that something new is bad. It is part of our brain chemistry, to the point where something that is too new or unique will often illicit fear in us. Here are a number of ways ecommerce business solution, that can market your new product line. You may pick a method that suits you the best.

Attention Interest Desire Action

It is time to old school, with the old AIDA principle. You need to grab the attention of the consumer, and then stimulate their interest. This should turn into a desire for your product, at which point you give them the means to purchase.


How you grab your consumers attention is really up to you, but it does not have to be a loud or exciting way. Many marketers think that you need to grab attention by shouting at the consumer (both metaphorically and literally). They use bright colors and exaggerated slogans, but there is no need. Attention may be “grabbed” subtly. People will notice an imperfection in a “perfect” wall in the same way that they will notice a big crash on the highway. Grabbing their attention means simply getting them to notice you. People notice a stone in their shoe as much as they notice a building on fire.


This is the part that is deceptively hard. The example above about the imperfection in the wall is true. People will notice an imperfection in what is otherwise a perfect wall, but getting their interest in this is very difficult. On the other hand, a crash on the highway may stimulate the viewers’ interest quite a bit

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The most tried and tested method of gaining interest in a manner that leads to action, is to relate the attention grabber to the consumer. The stone in the shoe example above it a perfect demonstration of this point. It grabs the attention of the consumer, and it directly related to them, and they will very likely take some action regarding it (i.e. he/she will remove the stone).


Now that your new product line has been noticed by the consumer and you have gained their interest, you need to stimulate desire. The most common method for doing this is to convince the person consumer that he/she has a problem and that your product is the solution. For example, showing an advert with a person who is thirsty, in a dry place with no water in sight, may remind the viewer that he or she is thirsty. Your drink would then be presented as the solution to the thirst problem.

There are lots of motivators for desire, so you need to research into the difference between needs and wants, and try to convince a person that their want is a need. For example, they do not need a new car (it is a want), but you could convince them that they will save thousands on fuel and repairs if they buy a new one, to the point where they are going to lose money keeping their old car. This sort of technique will convince the reader that they “need” the new car in order to save money.


You must give the consumer a way to purchase your goods. Your advert must show where they can purchase, or who they need to contact to open an account. If your product is on the shelves at most corner shops then you may not need to mention it. But, if your line is only in selected stores then you need to tell people. If there is any doubt at all as to where your products are sold, you will need to tell the consumer right away. Do a little bit of market research by asking people to view your adverts and then ask them to tell you where they may purchase one. If some people get the answer wrong then you need to be clearer about telling people where or how they can purchase your new product line.

Act as if the product has been around for years

People are naturally averse to the new, so you can act as if your product has been around for a very long time. You can go over the top on this if you wish and show people in the middle ages or the industrial era using your products if you wish. Have knights winning jousting competitions with your horse saddles or industrial era miners using your body wash. It is not lying, it is advertising.

Set a contrast between yours and current products

Make it very obvious that your product is different from that of your competitors. Do not mention their product, but for example, if they market themselves on one aspect such as being a sensible product, then you can market yourself on being a wild/crazy/kooky product.

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