Java vs. Python, an ongoing debate to select the most Productive Programming Language

Python is more creative than Java, isn’t it? It would be dangerous to claim that Java is not as much productive than Python due to many factors. Java is statically typed while Python is dynamical. We have seen a huge debate between dynamic typing and static typing among many programming languages. Here we are not debating on this topic, but we are going to show the difference between these two ...

Programming Language Comparison – Which One is Best to Learn & Why?

These days, learning a programming language is not rocket science as it is extremely easy and cost absolutely zero to learn. By learning a different programming language, you can easily get yourself a job without spending a single penny. Moreover, learning any programming language is a lot easier if you really get into it.

History of Java- Versions, Release Date and Distribution

Are you interested to know about different version of Java? Several changes are seen in Java language since JDK 1.0 and many additions of classes and packages to the standard library. In this infographics, we have presented short wiki different versions with short points of Java lovers.

The 10 most popular programming languages. Which of them do you know?

Whether you are a novice programmer or experienced one, you always want to get yourself updated with demanding programming languages. So, here in this infographics, we have presented the top 10 programming languages that are huge in demand due to their outstanding features.

5 Common Mistakes Made By Java Programmers

Although to err is human, but when these errors occur in a Java code that you have created after hours of hard work, they can actually be highly frustrating for the programmer himself! But there is nothing to get disappointed as even best programmers frequently do mistakes in their codes. However, what you need to focus upon is to understand and be careful of not let the same error haunt you ne...