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6 Special Things About Software Developers That You Should Know?

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As we all know that software developers are a particular group, but every single person is unique and has her own qualities. Some behaviors and qualities are totally different than the normal employees. Well here in this blog, you can find specifically about programmers, and how it impacts your job as their leader.

However, if you are working in a different industry, this list will help you out in comprehending some challenges, which are faced by managers in IT. And, try to see things from a little different view the next time you want to blame the IT department for not solving problems in the way you would evaluate.

1. Developers are very sharp minded

Initially, it is important for you to understand that you are going to work with those people, whose IQ is normally higher as compare to the population average. If you think about this, it is an accolade and an exciting opportunity.

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It also means an extra effort for you to ensure that their work remains difficult, and that you keep their engagement high. Moreover, developers will also be more resistant to different pseudo-leadership techniques, and can see through even tenuous manipulation attempts.

You should forget about all the sugar-coating and such things, just be open and honest if you want their trust.

2. Hiring Developers is Tough Task

However, if you still did not get a single opportunity to hire someone, you probably known that it is the most challenging job to do. Searching the one, who has in-depth knowledge and skills, may take a long time.

In order to attract the best people, you are competing with various companies, and it won’t be adequate to just pay them higher than others. Working environment, organization’s culture, processes and tools, different types of projects and skills of the current team members and more can count for your candidates.

Throughout developers’ communities, opinions and suggestions about employers spread instantly, so maybe you will have to work on your brand for quite long time.

Further, it is not as easy as it sounds to properly assess a candidate’s potential, and hiring the wrong person means wasting another few months.

3. Developers are narrowly Specialized

It is not easy to simply replace one developer with another, and you can’t do it. However, they are not only focused on a particular technology stack, they have preferred lower-level technologies, tools and system layers that they focus on.

Modifying that can take a lot of time and usually, it may be a quite similar case with knowledge about a particular system or project. It becomes a lot difficult to replace people, who leave the team more, and it also affects flexibility when planning projects.

You are not allowed to just move developers from one team or project to another when the business changes priorities. You have to make sure that it fits in with their knowledge and skills. For difficult system, losing a developer will be a permanent loss of knowledge for the company. It is a quite higher risk than for various professions.

4. Almost All Developers are of Introvert Mindset

Commonly, it is estimated that between ¼th and 1/3rd of the population belongs to people with an introvert mindset. These types of people are encouraged and motivated by their own thoughts and process instead of interactions with other people.

However, these proportions are opposite to software developers. As per the manager’s viewpoint, it has a full consequence beginning from your daily communication with such individuals, and their opted work environment to the way you are providing feedback for them and recognize their accomplishments.

5. Developers can vary in abilities immensely

Another reason why you cannot replace a team member is the difference in skill level. If you are a professional developer, it does not only mean providing software quite faster or with top quality than average one.

Such types of people are actually able to accomplish things that others won’t. For instance, because of the problem’s difficulty or in-depth understanding of some technology, which requires years to master. For particular type of software, you will not even be able to move on without hiring some top talent in the field.

6. Developers Do Not Have Dream About a Management Career

There are a lot of people, who are treating their job as just something that they do from 9 to 5 to earn money. After that they go back to home and spend their evening with their dear ones and immerse in their hobbies. But they are in love with writing code and developing software.

However, not all the developers, but many. There is not frequent for an activity performed at work so interesting that it would be performed eagerly to do something similar in your free time. Developers are just lucky enough as due to this, they don’t even consider other roles and good to work as developers for the whole career.

So these are the things about a software developer that you should know if you are looking forward to hiring one for your project. Before you hire one, you make sure that he/she has expertise in the software development industry.

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