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Thinking to Hire eCommerce Development Company? 10 Questions You Must Ask First!

Thinking to Hire Ecommerce Development Company

So, you have decided to develop eCommerce store and don’t have a lot of technical knowledge about it. The only way to fulfill your needs is to hire eCommerce developer or a company that helps you to achieve your target with priority.
Launching an online store can be difficult task for small businesses as it needs professional helps. Searching for professional help is not so easy as well.

“10 important questions that assist you to choose the best eCommerce development company or developers for your development task.”

1) How much experience do your company have building eCommerce store?

The most important and foremost question to ask when you are hiring any eCommerce development company is their experience. You must to explore their portfolio section to ensure their experience and expertise in eCommerce store development task.

2) What ecommerce software your company uses to build online stores?

They should be well-versed in all kinds of software solutions that available in the market, i.e. Magento, Joomla, Woo Commerce for WordPress, Drupal, Volusion and Shopify.
They must provide software solution that exactly matches to your needs and budget. Before choosing any option for your eCommerce store development, ensure that they are evaluating your needs and provided suitable alternative.

3) What web standards and practices do your developers follow?

You must check whether you are hired company offers you all design trends and follow current web development standards to allow your site to run on all operating systems and browsers.
Ensure to know whether they are using CSS and HTML standards that established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) or not. You must ask whether conduct code validation site coding complies with W3C standards or not.

4) How will you make it easy for your customers to edit and manage their site?

We all know that updating posts, photos, banners, polls, etc. are compulsory to make online store unique.
Online merchants want to edit, add or subtract some features from their site to make site according to trends. Ensure to have your site that can accessible to you easily without any programming needs. You should make yourself aware of accessing everything from website to documents, logins, passwords, and logs.

5) Will you integrate SEO Capabilities into eCommerce store?

It is must that your eCommerce developers are implementing highly effective SEO techniques and add-ons at the time of developing eCommerce store.
Developers must have understanding of certain SEO techniques like create custom meta and title tags, provide table-less layouts, generate static URLs, edit page meta data, and so on as it helps to get high ranking in search engines.

6) Do Your Company Implement social media into eCommerce store?

Connecting with social media is must for your eCommerce business. There are many ecommerce development service providers offer social media integration service that helps to generate more leads.
Ensure you are finding the similar company that offer social media integration service that has features like setup and management, blogger outreach, and monitoring and measuring.

7) Do you have experience to create Mobile-Friendly Online Store?

eCommerce development companies must also have experience of developing mobile-friendly site as it is helpful to reach mobile users. Having mobile friendly site provides your users a better shopping experience through smartphone or a tablet.

8) Do Your Company Provide Custom eCommerce Development Services?

As we all know that internet marketing is getting popular day-by-day, so it is compulsory to use every possibility to make your store unique from others. If you have any project idea in your mind, then ensure to ask your choose developers about custom services.
Custom solutions include everything from multi-language and -currency support, to customer-friendly categorization, smart product search, and so on. So, if you are looking for any kind of custom solution then ask them about custom development service to turn your idea into excellent site.

9) How will your company run tests?

Ensure that your chosen company is using testing environment to check your site, whether it is working or not. Ensure that they are making correction while testing process instead of after making it live. Have them discussion about testing of your entire site, documenting bugs and quick fixes.

10) In what different means you are communicating with your clients?

It is compulsory to get connected with your hired company throughout the projects. A good communication helps both to complete project successfully. There are means through which you can connect like Skype, emails, Google Hangout, or any other platform. Moreover, a project management tool like Asana or Basecamp is also best for excellent communication.
These are the 10 most important questions you must ask when you are hiring eCommerce Development Company for developing your store. If you are looking for such company, who fulfill all your eCommerce store development needs, then Perception System is an excellent choice for you. Discuss your requirements with our experts and get the best solution.

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