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Top 6 Things That Your eCommerce Customers Do Not Want To Listen

eCommerce Customers

Are you providing training to your employees? Are you listening what your customers are saying? In today’s eCommerce business, customer service plays a very significant role in making your customers fully satisfied.
There are lots of eCommerce businesses, who are losing their numerous customers without hearing their problems and issues. It is highly essential for all the eCommerce businessmen to give importance to customer service and customer retention at the top of every business’s list.
If you want to provide your customers a fully satisfied service, it is important that you listen to their problems and provide them a perfect solution. Moreover, there are some things that customers do not want to listen, so you should also take care of those things. In this blog, I have listed top 6 things that eCommcerce customers do not want to listen:

1) I Don’t Know

Many times, it happens that any of your customers asks you something about your product, service or anything that is related to it and you reply him negative like you don’t know about it or you don’t have a idea.
You never ever have to say that to your customers because they hate to listen to these three words. It happens to everyone at one time or another, but you can give them a positive reply like you can find out this information for them.

2) It’s Not My Job To Do

Well, it is also possible that your customer ask you something to do or provide any information that doesn’t come in your job, but the customers do not want to listen that.
By saying these words, not only you are avoiding their problem, but also not offering any solution from anyone else, who can do that. You just need to tell them that you know that person, who can help you out in this and you will help him to meet with that person.

3) It’s Time for My Break

In your training, you taught to attend your customers first and then you can have your break. However, you can also go to another colleague and introduce him/her to the customer to help him in his problem. You just make sure that they got helped in a timely manner.

4) I’m shocked that you have not heard about our product

It is absolutely wrong to say these kinds of words to your precious customers as they feel insulted and these words imply that the prospect is arrogant. If he/she is unaware about your product, you can describe it in just minutes and answer their questions.

5) You will take more time for hold

We all know that keeping your customers on hold is like irritating them. First, 1 to 2 minutes are ok to keep your customers on hold, but if you ask them for more time to keep them on hold, it can torture them and compel them to disconnect the call. So, it is better to hire more people or you should have an automated call back service so that you can honor their time.

6) Can You Afford This Product?

Whenever any of your customers inquire about the product, don’t say him that can he really afford this product as these words can make them feel insulting. It is essential that you also do not let your staff members mind your customers’ wallet. You can allow your customers to decide on what is best for him or what he can afford.
So, these were the top 6 things that eCommerce customers do not want to listen. Therefore, you should make sure any of your employees or staff members ask such questions to your customer.
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Publish on Sep 3 2014