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Tutorial- How to Design Effective E-Commerce Website?

Whether you are doing online trader for electronics things or clothing, E-commerce website is one of the excellent sources to buy and sell with just few clicks. Lots of appreciated has been achieved by ecommerce due to simplicity and fast delivery. There are many businesses planning to develop online shopping malls to display their products/services and generate more revenue from it. For those businesses, who are planning to design an online store, but don’t have idea about what to consider, this post might be helpful for them.
Tips for designing a successful E-Commerce site
Target User Experience
One of the major aspects designers keep in mind is the User Experience (UX) at the time of designing ecommerce site. User Experience includes the mechanism that follows by visitors while they are exploring the web stores. Take care of site loading time as if your site takes lots of loading time; it becomes the reason for purchasers to more to another site. It is must to have smart UI that deliver excellent user experience.
Go for Simple Navigation Arrangement
The path of visitors is simplified by simple yet manageable Navigation option. Having proper navigation is possible, if it is used in the most appropriate way and labeled unambiguous. It should be directed to all the essential pages of the website.
Embed Various Filter Options
Having a Filter technique in your ecommerce site helps to explore your products in the easiest ways. Ensure to provide the filter function with some basic options of product’s aspects such as type of product, brand name, model number or price range. With this method, buyers can easily choose and compare their favorite products.
Accurate contact details
Contact details such as email, address and phone number must be accurate, so customers can ask their queries through any medium they want. It is advisable to put live chat option in your website to solve queries instantly. Having this option will enhance reputation of your website. Complaint form or feedback form is must to know what customers are thinking about your site and products.
Must Have Structured Checkout Form
Check out form should be created very precise. It should have essential information, including what the products include, the number of order, etc. On the top of webpage, ensure to add shopping cart so that buyers can easily check the order while they are shopping from your website.
An advance Security System Is Must
While creating an ecommerce site, ensure to maintain high security level as shoppers are making purchase from your site by adding their account details. Each and every detail of customer, products information and transaction may be exposed, if you are not maintaining security level. It is recommended to display Security certificate to grab trust of your customer. You have to make sure that no financial information of shopper should be breached.
Search Function Option
Search functional is a must have when you are designing ecommerce website. This function helps your users to search out appropriate products/services what they are looking for. Having this function in your website makes user’s shopping experience more satisfying than irritating. Search option is highly recommended for ecommerce websites those have a wide variety of products of same or different categories.
The Last Words
Above given tips should be taken care of for developing a well-manageable and easy-to-use ecommerce website. Implementing above given tips help you to get the favorable outcomes from your ecommerce site. If you have some more tips that I forget to mention, share with us through comment section. If you are in search of ecommerce development service provider, click here for more details.

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Publish on Nov 28 2013