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Different Ways To Use Shipping Offers To Impress Customers to Purchase From Your site?

According to “David Bell” in his research, a Wharton Marketing professor, people are more disposed to take benefit of waived shipping fees that actually cost $6.99 than a $10-discount. We can say that this is the power of free at play.
However, the Roger Dooley, an author as well as publisher of Neuromarketing, explains that preference for free look like another feature hardwired into brains. Frequently, shipping fees mainly spell the difference between a sale as well as a bail, so marketers can easily look at using the power of free in order to convince customers to complete the transactions.
As per the latest study by eDigitalResearch and IMRG, approximately 53% of people abandoning carts mentioned high shipping costs as the main reason for not going through the check-out process. More than 26% of shoppers are also only placing products in their cart in order to check-out the shipping costs.
Because of shipping costs, cart abandonment is one of the major problems and it can be also remedied by being upfront with fees and not waiting till the end of the check-out process to disclose it. Apart from this, there are many other things that you can do to make shipping work for you as well as for your customers:
Make Sure to Highlight Shipping Offers Across Your Site:
First and foremost thing customers are looking for and value for shipping offers, so if you are offering any shipping offers, you should not downplay them. On the web, there are lots of companies such as Steve Madden, who execute on this point and they make it nearly impossible for users to miss free shipping.
Various other companies like Sephra are reply on small, ad-like units to talk about free shipping. They also applied a rotating banner so that they can easily convey the message and the banner has been placed above the primary navigation.
You always need to remember that your entire shipping offer is very much important throughout the selection and check-out process, so make sure to highlight it constantly. Apart from saying “free shipping and handling”, click for more details say “free shipping on order more than $100 Condition apply”. Many times, it frustrates your customers to search out the end of the process that their purchase doesn’t qualify for free shipping.
Upsell to Free Shipping Doorstep:
In order to meet the free shipping doorstep, there are lots of prospects, who are willing to add items as long as the minimum order is required of the average order size. The major key is to search that sweet spot below that break point at which there is a spike of transaction drops, but make sure the above normal order size.
However, that doorstep may cost a very little to find and there may be an added layer of difficulty because each industry is different has its own views, but looking for it has an important reward. 7.5% of shoppers are looking to add more items on their carts in order to meet needed minimums.
It is also essential for you to remind users how much requirements should be added to get free shipping once you implement free shipping at particular order size.
To revisit an online store and to switch to a different one, low shipping cost is one of the major drivers. Approximately 59% of the respondents said that the shipping costs are the essential consideration for them when making an online purchase as per the Forrester study released in October. You need to remember that this is something that you take benefit from instead of something your competitors can use against you.
So, these are some of the best ways to make use of shipping offers to get customers to purchase from your website. If you want to make your ecommerce website fully-functional so that your customers find it easy to purchase, you can opt for an effective solution for ecommerce website and get numerous benefits.

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Publish on Dec 31 2013