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How to Give Your Business Website a Speed Boost?

Speed Boost

We all know that website speed plays a very crucial role for any successful online marketing strategy. If you have one such website that loads slower than your grandma’s dial-up modem, it is sure that your business will suffer a lot in different ways.

First of all, a slow website can kill conversion rate that will affect your business a lot. As per the 2012 study, even a 1-second boost in the loading time of the website can cost you as much as 7% of your conversions.

One of the biggest websites ‘Amazon’ also found that slower loading time had destructed effects on their sales. However, a slow loading times cost huge money. Moreover, if you use a slow website for your business, it can cut down your traffic.

Google has also included website loading time in its search engine rankings, so think about the speed of your website. In addition to this, if you are thinking about keywords and backlinks, a good website loads time should be part of any SEO strategy.

Having a fastest website is one of the best things for SEO as it offers much better user experience. It will give you a lot more hits and more conversions. Below, you can find 15 different ways to make your website a lot faster:

Make Sure to Clean Up Your Code

You might have not spent much time looking at those untidy lines of code in your webpage source code if you are not a programmer. Messy and unnecessarily long code looks same as tidy code on your browser; however, it will have a much slower load time.

You should hire an experienced programmer in order to go through your website and tidy up your source code. For searching a professional programmer, is a great place, where you can find a programmer under your budget.

Optimize Your Images

It is an extremely simple yet easy fix that is overlooked by a lot of marketers. You should compress the size as much as possible before you throw those images on the server.

An extra tip – Rather than resizing your images using html instead resize the images before you upload them. For HTML resized files, browsers have to load the full sized images that greatly slow down your load time.

Get Better Hosting

Getting better hosting is extremely important, but not all hosts are developed equally. Another website that manages overwhelmed constantly by down time and slow load speeds.

Moving hosting from one host to another can also boost the website speed radically. If you are running a website based on WordPress, Kinsta is the best hosting option.

Use Less Amount of Plugins

If you are using a lot of plugins on your WordPress website, you should consider that every single plugin can increase your load time; therefore, you should use only those plugins that are important. Ensure that you deactivate all those plugins that you are not using on regular basis.

Compress Your CSS

Make use of a CSS compressor in order to modernize your CSS. Your website will be quicker if the fewer browsers have to load. You can tidy up your source code and CSS and your website speed will boost.

Make Use of Gzip Compression

You should use Gzip compression to optimize all the resources on your website along with the cleaning up your code and compressing your CSS.

If you want to get detailed explanation from the people at Google, you can click this link. Here, you can find Gzip Compression Tool.

Ensure That You Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

As we all know that people from across the world are viewing your website, so content delivery networks makes sure your website loads instantly it doesn’t matter where in the world your visitors are by offering them from severs. Cloudflare is the best CDN.

Remember to Remove Query Threads From Static Resources

In its URL, you are not able to cache a link with a “?” even though a Cache-control: public header is present. However, the question mark performs in the same way as Crtl+F5. Make sure to use query strings for unique resources.

Today, SEOmoz is making use of dynamic URLs with “?” because of using KISSmetrics; however, 2-3 queries are affordable.

Disable Hotlinking

If your website has hosting images and other important resources, other people could be using your links to these images on their own domains.

It means they are also getting benefit from your content at the same time you pay the cost of the bandwidth and decreased load time. By adding some simple code to your site, you can stop this.

Fix Broken Links

Are you running an old website? If yes, chances are high that the links probably moved or been deleted. It can also slow down the loading speed by forcing people to load your 404 pages and using up resources on pages that are not exist if you are still linking to these pages. Moreover, you can make use of a broken link tracker to search for these links and fix them.

Avoid Redirect Links

We all know that redirects are extremely horrible as the browser has performed extra functions before loading the page you are sending visitors to. All the possible links directly to the page you want people to visit.

Use Revision Control

At the time of developing a blog post in WordPress, this CMS will store every single draft version of the article. It will be considered as an extremely useful whilst editing; however, all these revisions take up space.

You can use 25+ revisions per post as you can edit your work. However, revision control can decrease the number of revisions WP stores for you.

Shorten Your Pages

You know that there is a reason why all the top and leading newspapers are spreading their long articles over other pages. The longer it will take to load if the page has more content. You can also consider chopping it into smaller, more loadable pieces if you have a monster article or blog post.

Enable Browser Caching

With browser caching, you can easily make your website load instantly for repeat users by storing some of its parts of your website on their browser.

It is one such way that they do not have to load everything from scratch every single time they visit to your page. This is the best plugin that can help you out if you are using WordPress.

State a Character Set

Specify a character set in HTTP header so that you can speed up browser rendering. By adding a simple piece of code into your header, you can easily done this.

Important Note: There are some of the CMSs that are using functions for character set (like WordPress with). So it is advisable for people to write it instead of using PHP functions.

It will be helpful for you to decrease request size, so try to make use of HTML rather than PHP everywhere, which is possible.

So, these are the wonderful ways to give your business website a speed boost without facing any kind of difficulty. However, if you are looking forward to hire a professional web designer and developer to design and develop a high-end website, you can get in touch with us as we have experienced team of web developers and designers.

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