Is WhatsApp Really Working on New Version WhatsApp Plus?

New Version WhatsApp Plus
Many of you all may have heard about the news that WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging applications, is working on a new messaging application called WhatApp Plus. However, yet it is not confirmed officially what exactly WhatsApp plug will be like, but as per the reports, the upcoming application will be an addition to the obtainable phone messenger.
It is expected that WhatsApp Plus will have many new features, including interesting emoticons and themes. Now, users will be able to choose from a comprehensive range of themes also.
Moreover, it will also come with a great feature, helping in sharing files through the messaging application. Yet it is not declared that whether this application will be obtainable for free or paid.
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In a recent addition to its existing application, the company had introduced a double blue tick feature, enabling users to see that whether the person on other side has read their chat or not. As per the reports, in the meantime users will be able to download this upcoming application once it is launched in the market.

Before we go further with the download and launching date of this high-end application, you should checkout below mentioned features that probably to have in WhatsApp Plus:

We know that most of the people are using emoticons often than words to express what they wanted to say. Looking for the demand of such emoticons, WhatsApp Plus will come with lots of new emoticons that users can enjoy. Reports say that the company wanted to sever its customers more satisfactorily.
2.Giving an Exclusive Look
Users can easily change various appearance settings on the application that best suit their preferences. For example, they can easily change the header, color, size of icons, texts and pictures of chats and contact’s avatar. Along with this, users are also able to change the size and look of pop-up and the color and size of the app and widget icon.
3.Enhanced Privacy
We know that the current version of this application enabling people to hide their last seen, but users cannot find such provision for their online status. But reports say that the new WhatsApp Plus will allow users to hide their online status as well.
With this new feature, users are not able to see whether their friends are online or not. You are also not able to see other’s online status if you choose to hide your online visibility to others. In short, this upcoming new version provides users a lot of privacy options.
4.More than 700 Themes
In the current version of WhatsApp, we can see only wallpapers, but in the upcoming WhatsApp Plus, users will find more than 700 themes that allow them to choose from. As per the report, users can also customized these themes in different ways and change the colors as well as fonts as per their desire.
5.Huge File Sharing
It is one of the best features that will be surely loved by the users as users will be able to share biggest files more than 50MB without any hassle.
However, current version of the application not allowing us to send big file as it gives an option to send the file short before sharing. But now with WhatsApp Plus, users will able to share full length videos, music and more. For sharing file on WhatsApp Plus, the maximum limit has not been revealed.
So, these are the top features that expected to have in the upcoming WhatsApp Plus. Stay tuned with us to get more information on the news like launching date and more.

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