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12 Reasons to Choose PHP For Developing Website in 2017 (Updated)

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In the last couple of years, PHP has caught the attention of various people worldwide due to its easy-to-use nature that suited for server-side development and runs on a web service.

Highly recognized across the world, PHP is the most popular language in the world that used by many big organizations like Harvard University and the well-known social networking site Facebook. Users can smoothly maintain and upgrade their PHP based websites without facing any efforts.

Using PHP, one can effortlessly build superior quality websites and web applications. Without discussing more on its usability, features and performance, let’s have a look on some of the reasons to choose PHP for website development.


As we all know that PHP is quite similar to languages like Pearl and C, and it is extremely easy-to-use and learn that becomes the most beneficial thing about this wonderful language for programming.

Any person no matter from which background he/she is, he/she will feel absolutely comfortable in comprehending and using it.

Open Source

Being an open-source language, PHP is completely free and easy-to-use solution that grabs the attention of various businesses worldwide. The best thing about this high-end language is that it rests and gives wonderful results.

Rich Performance

Works on a traditional web stack; PHP is the most general language that being the LAMP stack. As we all know that PHP is making use of Apache web server; however, PHP applications are also making use of Apache web server and the MySQL database.

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The whole stack is a fully technical competent and extremely useful solution that provides rich performance enhancements over the traditional development stacks and tool-sets.

Cross Platform

Now, developing cross-platform applications is a lot easier as PHP made it extremely easy for all those, who are looking forward to developing cross-platform apps. Moreover, PHP works wonderfully on UNIX, LINUX and Windows platforms and interfaces with Apace and MYSQL.

Well-known in CMS

All the PHP based websites are fully customized, so programmers are capable enough to influence it as per their customers’ requirements and necessity.

As various Content Management Systems like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and many more are made up from PHP only, so customizing your website becomes a lot easier.

Vast Community

The biggest reason why you should choose PHP over other languages is because of its vast community of developers across the worldwide.

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Considering its huge popularity, you can find a lot of PHP developers, users and contributors to whom you can hire according to your project requirements. You can easily find your desired developer, who has expertise to handle your project.

Advanced Usability

When it comes to developing a user-friendly and fascinating website, PHP offers a lot of advanced features. PHP’s written scripts helps users to keep track of their targeted visitors’ activities and web masters can also get feedback from their users of their product and services.


On Web, you can find a lot of guidelines and references considering its popularity. Moreover, you are also capable of registering online and find various online forums, libraries and support groups. Further, you can also utilize support in different languages.


For all the users, it is extremely easy to widen the high-end programming language to suit the custom requirements of businesses of different industries.

Due to its modular system, which can be integrated with different libraries like those for graphics and Extensible Markup language (XML).


Today, PHP is considered as the most flexible and scalable language that provides various numbers of extensions. The best thing about this language is that when you choose this high-end language to work, you are assured about the results.

The results of this language are fully measurable and can help users to calculate their return on investment. Moreover, users can easily give sturdy competition to their competitors and give their business an edge.


An excellent quality of PHP language is that it can be embedded into HTML with extreme ease as this excellent language has made it easy for the developers to convert an existing static website into a whole new dynamic one.


A fully fast and instant PHP provides quick turnaround time. By hiring an experienced and professional PHP developer, you can get an instant solution that you were looking for very long time. The efficiency and experience of PHP experts bring an instant solution for any query.

So, these are some of the major reasons why you should choose PHP over other languages for your website development project. However, if you are getting any problem in your project, it is recommended to you to hire an expert PHP developer from any leading company from India.

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