Why Online Store Owners should turn to PWAs?

Today, global internet penetration is much higher than that of the past. That makes it the perfect time to reap the progressive web app benefits. With this, the number of customers turning to online shopping is increasing by the day. That has led to more competition in the field, and the only way to stay ahead in this rat race is to establish prompt communication with the end-user.
With a good fraction of internet users still using 2G, bandwidth is a significant problem. Even for those who use better internet services, lousy connectivity is an issue. One of the most efficient ways in which online store holders can tackle this issue is by opting for some form of a progressive web application.

What are progressive web apps?

Progressive web app (or PWA) is a hybrid between a website and a mobile application. What this aims to do is to provide an app-like experience to the user without having actually downloading the app. The idea is when a user clicks on the URL, the browser will direct him to the app. Once that is done, from the user point of view, that will be just like accessing a native app.
Today it is often difficult for users to tell apart the experience of using a progressive web app from that of a conventional native app. Speed, reliability, and engaging content that was the selling point of mobile apps in the past are now accessible from a web link. In the world of online shopping business, every second is worth billions of dollars. With PWA, the speed factor will no longer be a cause of worry, and companies will be able to make billions of dollars worth of extra revenues.

Progressive web app benefits

Now that we have answered the primary question of ‘What are progressive web apps?’, the next thing that we need to ponder over is ‘How do organizations stand to benefit if they implement PWAs?’ A progressive web application goes beyond requiring lesser upfront costs for the online stores. Read on to learn all about the benefits of progressive web applications.

Better Reach

One cannot deny the fact that the mobile web audience has been growing over the years. The last few years have seen unprecedented growth in this regard. In 2016, Chrome had 400 million users. According to Google reports, as of 2019, Chrome has 1 billion mobile users. From the user point of view, it is not possible to download apps for every single website that they visit regularly. One of the most efficient ways by which businesses can reach a wider audience is opting for PWAs.

Push notifications

One of the most efficient marketing technique would be to send push notifications to users alerting them of upcoming sales, discounts, and new products launched. One can achieve this very quickly with progressive web app development. The push notifications will boost branding and ensure better reach while cutting down on the amount of money spent on marketing campaigns.


Businesses realize that the audience does not spend their time surfing the Playstore or App store on the lookout for new apps. This makes discoverability a more significant challenge for them than for conventional websites. With progressive web apps essential features, there will be lesser friction for onboarding. The greater exposure here will allow businesses to acquire more users at a much lower expense.


It has been tried and tested under conditions of poor network connectivity; the end-user experience of PWAs is much more user-friendly as compared to conventional native apps. For businesses, this increases the number of successful conversions by leaps and bounds. An example in this regard will be that of Flipkart. After introducing Flipkart Lite, the conversation rate of the firm shot up by 70%.


Progressive web app development addresses another major problem associated with catering to customers with poor network connectivity. PWA uses a cache API and a service worker. This allows the, to store layout elements, and they load the same into the browser as and when required. That way, the efficiency of customer engagement is increased, and this ensures that they purchase from you more often.

App market saturation

Today, Playstore and App Store have 4 and 2 million apps each. Among them, only a few retail apps make it to the 100 most downloaded apps. For newer e-commerce organizations, it is difficult to compete with the more prominent names here. Opting for progressive web apps native features is a smart option as those apps work across all devices and do not need a download.
The rate at which PWA has been enhancing the reach and user engagement of organizations, it seems to be the next most promising thing in the world of technology. By identifying newer benefits of progressive web apps, the world of eCommerce is up for a massive transformation. Those who join the bandwagon earlier will have an edge over their competitors.
With multiple domain experience across different business verticals, eCommerce experts at Perception System can help you to take your business to newer heights of success with the use of PWA. With lesser investment required and lower risk involved, this is indeed a safe bet. As of today, we can say that the progressive web apps native features are a game-changer in the technological world. In the coming years, more and more businesses are expected to take to it.


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Publish on Oct 14 2019