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10+ Must to Download WordPress Plugins


Today, WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system that widely used by businesses to build high-end websites. The best part of this platform is its range of features, functionalities and wonderful performance that make it highly popular compare to other platforms.

Moreover, the platform offers a comprehensive set of toolkit of plugins that make one’s website highly interactive and reliable. When it comes to complete set of plugins, it includes best solutions for caching, security and some other improvements can be added on WordPress core.

In the WordPress Plugin Repository, it is one of the best things about WordPress, and currently, there are more than 30000 plugins that build on core, enabling users to bend the software as per their requirement.

However, it is quite difficult for all the users to choose best and useful plugins from a complete set of free and premium plugins obtainable. Here we have listed 10+ must to download WordPress plugins of 2015 that are selected on the base of usefulness, quality and popularity. So, let’s have a glimpse on below mentioned plugins:


Currently, Jetpack is one of the best WordPress plugins that known for supercharging your website with lots of features like site stats, forms, email subscriptions, social networking and many more. However, the latest version of this plugin has introduced support for Multisite. Before it was not possible to administer all your connections from your super admin accounts, but Jet-pack makes it easily possible.

Google Analytics

When it comes to talk about Google Anlaytics plugin, it enables users to track and view Google Analytics statistics for their single or multisite installation. Moreover, this plugin is putting all the essential statistics right in front of you with excellent graphs and charts in your WordPress dashboard.

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Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is also best and free plugin that has racked-up 16 million downloads in the WordPress plugin repository. This high-end plugin can easily manage the contact forms and users are allowed to customize the form and any email content with simple markup. The best thing about this plugin is that it offers support for AJAX-powered submission, Akismet spam filtering and CAPTCHA.


When it comes to Appointments +, it is the most widely demanded plugin that enables users to accept, set and manage their bookings on their site. Being easy to set-up, this plugin comes with some cool and striking features, so WordPress website users can make use of this plugin.


Membership is also a great WordPress plugin that develops your own membership website such as Mixergy, GigaOm, PSD Tuts or even The New York Times. As compare to other plugins, it is highly easy to set-up plugin by which you can grant limited access to visitors and reserve premium content for paying users. Membership plugin has undergone a major update, and it comes with lots of changes that make this plugin easier to use.


To help enhance your website speed, WP is the best plugin that optimizes images files. Using this plugin, users are able to strips meta data from JPEGs, strips un-used colors from indexed images, and optimizes JPEG compression. In 2012, WPMU DEV took over maintenance of this plugin after it sat idle for a while in the WordPress Plugin Repository.


Duplicator is the most popular and free obtainable plugin that lets users to duplicate, clone, move, back-up and transfer a whole website from one place to another. The Duplicator plugin is developed by developers for developers, and it is an exceptional tool for pulling a production website down onto a local machine for testing and the reverse. It lets users to develop local and pushing a website to a production server.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is highly well-known caching plugin for WordPress website owners. W3 Total Cache plugin is the best option when it comes to improve your users experience without having to make change to your site’s content. However, a well-regarded option is WP Super Cache that is frequently thought of a lot easier version of W3 Total Cache.


Snapshot is considered as Apple’s Time machine, but for only WordPress website users. This is highly advanced and easy-to-use plugin that multiwebsite compatible and enables users to back backup snapshots of anything they want such as files, docs, content and more. Stuffed with lots of dynamic features, Snapshot plugin includes capability to save snapshots to Dropbox and Amazon S3.

Pro Sites

Pro Sites is one of my favorite plugins that gives the users power to develop their own profitable blog or website hosting network like Users of Pro Sites plugin can provide a chance to their customers to upgrade their sites for a fee and access numerous features like plugins, extra storage, premium themes and many more.

Theme Check

Theme Check is also a significant plugin that lets users to test their themes to make confirm with the latest WordPress theme review standards. Moreover, Theme Check plugin also allows users to run all the same automated testing tools on their theme, which uses to review theme submissions.

Infinite SEO

Today, Infinite SEO has also gained huge attention of businesses worldwide as this plugin enables users to enhance their site’s ranking with website maps, Meta data optimization, title and automatic side-wide linking and complete Moz integration.

So, these are the most popular and widely demanded WordPress plugins that you should download to make their WordPress site more reliable and striking than earlier. However, if you want to develop your own WordPress plugin that has your desired features, you should hire professional WordPress developers from any trusted WordPress development company.

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