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A Guide to Convert PSD to WordPress in 5 Easy Steps

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Over the last few months, I published three Definitive guides. The first one was Ecommerce Guide For Online Entrepreneurs, and the second was Software Developer’s Guide. And last one was Definitive Guide to Convert HTML to Drupal 7. However, in previouse week we were published information on Converting PSD Files into HTML, Well, today I want to introduce you to the Guide to Convert PSD to WordPress.

In this highly cutthroat market, developing a website is not easily possible as it needs two most essential things – first an attractive and user-friendly design and second an effective and fully functional website code. Both are incomplete without each other and necessary to develop a good and professional website.

When it comes to develop a website that is a test of creativity, it is not everyone’s cup of tea because coding a website needs core knowledge and information of PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Therefore, most of the people believe to develop an image PSD of their design, but coding it is difficult challenge.

There are lots of inexperienced people or non-programmers, so the open source community has gifted WordPress, an open source website developing tool as well as CMS, which is highly advanced and used effectively to develop a quality website. However in WordPress, developing is not easily possible. Thus, easing the whole problem, here I have listed 5 major steps that convert PSD design to WordPress template

First – Parting PSD

Parting PSD

The first step that you should follow while converting PSD file to WordPress is slicing as it is the most important part. If you are little confused with slicing part, no worry, slicing means to cut and divide an image design file into multiple design files and each file have the different design component of the whole design.

It is vital because the whole design is not only coded in a single image. Moreover, in any website, multiple images are sewn together wonderfully where single component as well as feature has its own functionality and use.

Most commonly, people can done with slicing part using image editing software as there are lots of designers, who prefer Adobe Photoshop or comparable. At last, the point is to cut the pixel perfect pictures as it can be done easily with the help of any image editing software such as Microsoft, but Adobe Photoshop is one such that make this work a lot easier.

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Second – Developing Index.html and Style.css

Developing Index.html and Style.css

The second step that is highly essential is to code the sliced images into HTML or XHTML format and style with the help of CSS. However, it is one such process that needs core knowledge of CSS and HTML. There are lots of coders, who are using website developing software like Dreamweaver and Fireworks for such purposes.

One of the main aims of coding is to sliced images into an HTML and CSS format with rollover effects and pixel perfect placement. It is one such step, where users need to decide whether their website will be responsive or not by changing the CSS accordingly. For ease, it is superior to name the CSS file as style.css and HTML file as index.html.

Third – As per the WordPress theme file structure, break index.html

WordPress theme file structure

However, the entire process of developing a custom WordPress website is the process of developing a WordPress theme that will be uploaded into the WordPress software. Therefore, the main focus of the PSD to WordPress process is to convert a PSD design into WordPress them and add some kind of functionalities to the theme with the help of WordPress tools and plugins.

It is very much essential to design your initial HTML file as per the WordPress theme’s file in order to get the most out of the WordPress platform. A simple WordPress theme includes of numerous PHP files like archive.php, header.php, Index.php, page.php, category.php, search.php, 404.php and more. For a theme to function, index.php along with style.css are the two most crucial files.

To facilitate better compartmentalization and theme coding, there are lots of WordPress themes that consist of almost all the above mentioned files. So, remember to break-up your index.html into index.php, header.php, sidebar.php, footer.php and other necessary feature files.

Fourth – Remember to Add WordPress Tags

WordPress Tags

One of the most essential things about WordPress is the inbuilt functions that can be used to add all the basic functionalities to the WordPress theme. However, there is no need of using any difficult HTML code as you just have to add WordPress inbuilt function tags in the theme files in order to get the most effective functionality. However, the WordPress will take care of the workings as it is the beauty of this platform. Now, it’s time to add WordPress PHP tags into WordPress files and make it a combined WordPress theme.

Fifth – Time to Add Functionalities

WordPress Functionalities

The complete magic of WordPress becomes clear as if you have developed and activated a theme. However, if you wish to add any type of functionality in your website, you wish to change any existing functionality that you just have to install a plugin or configure the existing structure using the highly user friendly WordPress dashboard.

It means now you don’t have to spend your time and energy in changing the HTML code, and there is no need to go line b line to make compatible with the new change. You also don’t have to learn JavaScript if you are looking for a new slider or a new style of a drop down menu.

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So, these are the five simple steps that you can follow to convert any PSD file into WordPress as this give guide can make it extremely easy for you to convert. However, if you are facing nay type of difficulty in converting, you can hire a WordPress professional from any trusted WordPress development company.

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