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10 Simple-to-Migrate WordPress Plug-ins for Easy Installation


There are many reasons of migrate your WordPress installation.

Some of them are:

  • Moving to a new web host
  • Want to replicate an installation of WordPress to increase speed of the website development process.

No matter why it is done, but it is bit tricky and if it is done manually. Migrating needs some level of technical expertise as it includes many things, from backing data to copying files, images and content.Here, we have solution.

If you are not comfortable for completing WordPress backup and migration process then check below 10 popular plug-in to complete your process successfully.


WP Clone by WP Academy

With WP Clone plug-in, moving and copying WordPress site to another domain or hosting server is possible and easy.

This plug-in is best used for creating and copying your site for development or testing purposes, moving your site to or from local server hosting and installing pre-configured versions of WordPress.



Those people, who would like to go beyond the migration process, can have Duplicator plugin.

With this plug-in, you can migrate your entire site and can also copy and clone a site from one location to another. Accessing this plug-in need above-average technical expertise.

Hire on-demand dedicated developers of desired skill & experience.


WordPress Move Plugins

WordPress Move is one of the most adopted and best plug-in for migrating WordPress from one server to another.

Downloaded for 100,000+ times, this fabulous plug-in can be used for various options like:

  • Creating backups
  • Moving WordPress from one server to another
  • Transfer databases


WP Migrate DB Pro is another recommended plug-in for migrating WordPress installation.

Interestingly, this plug-in is available for both paid and free versions and it can be downloaded more than 225,000 times on WordPress directory. It comes with remarkable features, including:

  • Migrate tables selectively
  • Push local database and replace production/staging database
  • Push and pull databases
  • Adequately takes a backup of your database before replacing it and so on.

It also comes with different add-ons like Multi-site tools add-on, Media files add-on and CLI add-on.


All in One WP Migration

All-in-One WP Migration is a perfect example of user satisfaction. It has blessed with the most satisfied users.

Using All-in-One WP Migration, you can migrate all your essential folders, files, media files, plug-ins, themes, etc. with just single click.

Features are not limited to this; you can also get a great mobile experience as well.


Backup Buddy Plugins

BackupBuddy is an easy to use plug-in that migrate your site from one server or domain to another server or domain respectively from the dashboard.

When migrating you just have to create a new database and enter those database credentials. When you are moving the site, it replaces all the URLs to the new server / domain.

The best thing about this plug-in is it has many documentation and excellent support from experienced developers.

This plug-in enables multiple offsite storage options for creating sites’ backup on Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, etc.



VaultPress is another popular plug-in that provides backup service on the basis of subscription with different plans and pricing.

An automated real-time cloud backup solution is provided by VaultPress that is available at the starting cost of $5 / month. The best things about this plug-in are:

  • It automates backups with easy restores!
  • Provides daily security scans with one-click repairs.
  • Provides help from the WordPress experts.


WordPress Backup Plugin

BackWPup is one of the best freebie plugin that enables to backup your WordPress site without having to disburse a penny.

It backs up hard drive, FTP, or email along with cloud storage like Dropbox and Rackspace.

The best thing about this plug-in is it can schedule automatic backups, restore from backups, and upgrade to BackWPup Pro whenever you needed.


UpdraftPlus Plugins

UpdraftPlus is one of the most important plug-in with more than 1.5 million downloads.

This plug-in comes with in-built strong WordPress migration mechanism and help to migrate existing sites to new locations.

BackupWordPress, BackWPUp, and WordPress Backup are supported to Dropbox through this plug-in.

Some of the best features like back selective components, backup encryption for security, split large sites into multiple archives, etc. is available.

Hire dedicated team for your next web development project.



With myEASYbackup, you can simply backup, restore and migrate your WordPress installation. Interestingly, this plug-in enables to migrate installation to a new server with ease.

When you are moving your database to different domain, it takes care of all references. It is free for single domain but one can have to sign up for a license that seems to be a little annoying.

No doubt, there is uncountable WordPress plug-in available for migrating a WordPress installation. However, it is advisable to consider our options before deciding a plug-in to choose for your website.

If you want to develop your own plug-in for WordPress, contact us with your project’s requirements.

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