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Things to Do When Your WordPress Site Got Hacked


WordPress is one of the best platforms, having a great community, a collection of features, attractive paid and free themes. Being a popular platform, it is obviously that many people take advantage of it. If we are considering last few years, we find that WordPress becomes the target for hackers.

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No guarantees are provided that tells WordPress is safe and thus, you have to do is to prevent problems by choosing a plug-in/theme that you want to utilize. Installation is also considered as the source of problem for many people.

So, what one can do for preventing Problems from occurring?

  • Remove/ disable all plug-ins and themes that are not in use. It creates a lot of problem though it is not active. It is advisable to keep it modernized and utilize what is essential for your platform and users.
  • Use tweaks to supercharge your .htaccess. Users can find a collection of tweaks to implement but you have to ensure to check them out before use.
  • You have keep everything updated, whether is it version, plug-in or extension.
  • Another thing is to do frequent backups. It is must because one never know when problem might occur and one can systematize the backup process, no matter host support it or not.
  • Ensure to use secure emails and password. Your password should be of alphanumeric. Two-step authentication is also recommended.
  • It is advisable to change the URL and login of your admin page. It helps to stop brute force attacks on your login forms.
  • Instead of wp_admin, change database prefix to minimize the risk.
  • Other thing you can do is to hide WordPress version.
  • We all find a collection of plug-ins around the Internet. But, according to some statistics, plugins that are not listed on are much more likely to cause you troubles.
  • Moreover, you just have to install plug-ins that is listed on the WordPress repository. It is best to choose custom-fitted that are compatible with your needs. However, most of the people decide to install free alternative.

Those people, who already have a problem, can solve it with below given tips.

It is difficult to tackle with such problem, as every hack is different. However, admin can do something immediately.

  • Firstly of all, you have to contact with your hosting provider and tell them about problems you faced.
  • After that, you have to login to your FTP and check out what’s problem occurred.
  • You can also check out your backups. Moreover, if you have find anything vital or newer then extract it from your current database.
  • Clean the installation and infected database, though you have thousands of files available.
  • Change the primary email and access data for hosting
  • Now, its to do clean WordPress installation by downloading from the official website.
  • Alternatively, you can also update your profile for all your users with all rights. Allows them to change and check password by their own.

Some Important Tips

Generally, it is noted that the source of problem is either theme or the plug-in. We have find that it is hidden among other files as a legitimate looking filename, i.e. wp-comment-post.php.

Apart from, you can also find them among uploads. Thus, it is advisable to clean install and from scratch. Moreover, you also have to consider that – if you have one hosting account and you are accessing many website then it spreads problem in all website and thus, major problem occurs.

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