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Everything You Need to Know before Hiring WordPress Theme Developer


Oh…you are running your own WordPress website?
Now, you must to be thinking to develop custom WordPress theme that makes your site stand out from your competitors.

Purchasing premium theme and framework will not work exactly you are thinking of. So, you have to develop theme that serve your exact requirements. Moreover, if you are thinking to customize your theme will also not look exactly you wanted to.

The problem is you are too busy to handle to handle your site and don’t have enough time to see and learn code to make some changes in your site. Learning WordPress development aspect is not so good idea instead why not you can hire WordPress Theme Developer, who can build a custom theme for your business.

Things To be Considered Before Hiring Developers to Build WordPress Theme

Many things you have to consider before start your journey to search out developers to develop your custom theme. First of all, you have to decide whether you want to design and develop theme from one company or both from other.

We know that developers are not carrying the complete process of developing theme. They are developing theme from PSD files and create a working theme.

It is recommended you to divide your project into the separate design and development stages. It helps you to search people, who are specializing in each factor. Working with designer separately, you can have chance to look after small details, where you can apply constructive and skilled advice.

Hire on-demand dedicated developers of desired skill & experience.

Once you are done with designing task, you can pass it to your assigned developer, who only focuses to design theme brilliantly. Ensure to know what exactly you are looking for your new theme. Once you know, you get a clear idea about how you want your site and its functions.

We know some details may change after discussing with a designer, however the core look, functionality and design remains same from the beginning.

Ways to Find Theme Developers

Once you have completed design of PSD file then you have to move forward to find experienced developer, who can put all such things together. Internet is one of the best places to begin your searching task. It is simple and provides enormous companies like PerceptionSystem.

Moreover, you can also ask your designers to find appropriate developers as they have good recommendation. Other option is to find developers from bidding sites such as People Per Hour, Elance, or Freelancers. These sites have numerous developers with decent portfolio. But personally, I avoid such option.

How to Choose Your WordPress Theme Developer?

Once you have done selection of developers, you have to decide how to choose one of the best from rest. Ensure to choose developer, who is capable to handle your task and deliver work as quickest as possible.
View his/her portfolio to see the professionalism in his/her work. It would be great ask some testimonials that wrote by clients for him/her.

It’s time to Set the Project Guidelines and Contract

After hiring project, you have to define the project and any milestones in writing. Never begin with your development without engaging with a contract and fee agreement.

Hire dedicated team for your next web development project.

It would be good for you as well as developers to set certain things in writing before starting development task. Additionally, there are some things you have to add in your guidelines and contract such as

  • The project’s fee and how it is divided, i.e. advance/milestones/etc.
  • Revision and testing needs before theme goes live
  • Copyright is retained by you
  • Method of communication, i.e. mail, chat or call.
  • Project delivery time

Apart from that, you can add many other things that you want to add in the development task. These are some tips that you must consider while hiring WordPress theme developers for your projects to give fresh look to your site.

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