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Top 20 Plugin Every WordPress Site Should Have


These days, we have been seen a large number of plug-ins available to the webmasters as so many websites is using the WordPress content management system.

WordPress plug-ins helps them to do everything, including analyses of data to enhance SEO. Webmasters are allowed to get plugins from the WordPress plugin directory and about 30,000 available plugins are available to choose from.

In this post, we have highlighted top 20 WordPress plug-ins for your site that surely enhances the functionality.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics Dashboard is an excellent WordPress plug-in that tracks your traffic without navigating away from your WordPress dashboard. With this plug-in, you will get a real-time picture of your site’s traffic inside from WordPress.

Download Here

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is one of the WordPress essential as it is considered as the pillar of the SEO. This plug-in allows creating an SEO friendly title that displays at the top of the browsers, homepage description and topics that are related to keywords. Some of the special features are available in All in One SEO Pack as follows:

  • Only plugin that enables SEO Integration for WP e-Commerce sites
  • Nonce Security built-in feature of the All in One SEO Pack
  • Fine-tune page navigation links
  • Advanced Canonical URLs

Download Here

Ebyline WordPress Payments

Ebyline helps to connect people with freelance writers and clients, who looking for content writing. Thus, it makes sense that they are developing a plugin that allows clients to pay payment directly from their WordPress dashboard to their freelancers. Apart from payment, Ebyline WordPress Payments keep track of W9 tax information as well.

Download Here

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Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 allows webmasters to manage various contact forms on their website. It comes with security features like CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filtering. This plug-in is one of the most popular plug-ins credited themselves with more than 16 million downloads.

Download Here

WordPress SEO by Yoast

No doubt, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems for SEO foundation. Integrating this plug-in in your site helps a webmaster to learn an important factors and can know essential search results.

WordPress SEO by Yoast isn’t helps your site to rank high in search engines, but it helps website’s owners by offering simple optimization steps.

Download Here


Shareaholic is one of the best and my personal favorite WordPress plug-in to download for your site. Particularly, it is a platform that shows you blog posts noticed through social media sites. This plug-in is supportable to the leading social networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Moreover, it delivers Facebook buttons so you can increase blog post’s ‘shareability’ with an ease.

Download Here


While releasing an eCommerce store, you have to download this plug-in. WooCommerce is powerful and smart dashboards available with unique features like:

  • Get access to popular Payment Gateways and Shipping Methods
  • Plethora of free and premium extensions
  • View Sales, Reviews, Stock Level, Statistics
  • Customized Online Store Design

Download Here


Jetpack is an excellent plug-in for boosting self-hosted WordPress site. Once, you have installed Jetpack then you don’t have to install any other plug-in. This plug-in comes with a lot of features like:

  • Notifications in the toolbar help to manage your site activity
  • Customize your site design with CSS editor without modifying the themes
  • A comment system supporting social networking platforms
  • Get email subscriptions for your blog posts and comments
  • The mobile themes streamline the site for visitors from mobile

Download Here


Subscribe2 plugin allows website’s owners to use subscription management system and email notification system. When any latest content is published on the site, visitors can get alert, if he/she has submitted email address.

This plug-in is excellent for those visitors, who want to know when new materials are to be updated.

Download Here

Editorial Calendar

WordPress doesn’t able to schedule the posts in a proper manner and thus, Editorial Calendar plug-ins helps to arrange post in the proper manners. WordPress Editorial Calendar can be used to help the author view posts in a calendar view.

Download Here

Easy Custom Auto Excerpt

The Easy Custom Auto Excerpt plugin helps to display post excerpts on your home page without fiddle to add them manually. For adding, you just have to set the preferred word count for excerpts and it will display. Users can also customize the “Read More” text, if they want to.

Download Here

404 to Start

404 to Start plugin has an ability to remove any 404 errors by redirecting any error page to the homepage or another URL that specified by the website owner. In case, visitors are typing URL incorrectly then rather than seeing a big 404 error message, they will redirect to another functioning page. In addition to, if someone visits a site through a broken link, they will reach on the homepage

Download Here

WordPress Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts plug-in helps you by engaging your website visitors with the content on your site. Installing this plug-in, website owners can place a particular number of “related posts” at the end of each post.

So, when visitors finishes particular post, they can find many suggested post related to same topics or keywords. Here, the main aim is to reach them to another piece of content. It is one of the best tools to engage visitors on the website for longer time.

Download Here

JM Twitter Cards

With Twitter Cards, one can enable to tweet including media. It is the latest plug-in that has about 58,000 downloads till now.
This plug-in allows you to add images and videos from your blogs in your Tweets to link your content. When readers click, it will display the content title and a short summary.

Download Here

Coming Soon

Coming Soon allows to set up a “Coming Soon” or Maintenance Mode page that looks excellent. The best thing about this plug-in is it supports for Multisite and BuddyPress and can be customized by using CSS and HTML. In order to use this plug-in, you just have to choose background image, color scheme, and customize your text.

Download Here

Podcasting Plugin

Podcasting Plugin enables to record audio files of your blog posts with an ease. This plug-in helps you to get your audio file from desktop to the website. Podcasting Plugin comes with a fantastic player that allows visitors to hear from your page without redirecting them to iTunes or some other program.

Download Here

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is another excellent caching plugins for WordPress that helps to enhance users experience without changing your WordPress site’s content. It helps to increase server performance, providing transparent CDN integration and reduce the download times.

Download Here

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is one such plug-in that you requires to get off all your security worries. This plug-in has a collection of marvelous security features like available with a firewall, Blocking known attackers in real-time, Monitors the DNS security option and so on.

Download Here

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iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

iThemes Security that best known as Better WP Security offers 30+ different ways to secure and protect your site. This plug-in blessed with some effective features like:

  • Recover: Makes regular backups of your WordPress database
  • Detect: Detects bots and other attempts to search for vulnerabilities
  • Obscurity: Changes the URLs for WordPress dashboard areas including login and admin
  • Protect: Scans your site to instantly report where vulnerabilities exist and fixes them in seconds

Download Here

IG Page Builder

A simple drag-and-drop page builder plugin, IG Page Builder enable you to create an entire WordPress website without having to dig into any code. It is a responsive and described as a great site “starter tool.” This plug-in is best for building site that need non-standard layouts without any coding experience.

These are some outstanding WordPress Plug-ins that you should use in your site to make it more functional. If you need help of WordPress experts then contact Perception System. For more information, click here.

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