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5 Best WordPress Alternatives – Good and Bad Points


No matter, you love to code or not, creating a robust website takes lots of time and effort as well. However, most of developers prefer WordPress content management system to develop robust website. Being an open source blogging tool and CMS, WordPress is blessed with a plug-in architecture and a template system that enhances its functionality.

It is one of the most popular CMSs that power more than 18.9% of the top 10 million websites. Developers mostly adopt this platform as its secure code is maintained by community of thousands of developers. Apart from many advantages, there are some disadvantages of using WP content management system like:

  • Lack of bespoke functionality
  • Difficult to Customize
  • Limited permissions scoping
  • Security Flaws & Attacks
  • Poor WYSIWYG editor

Having above disadvantages, many developers are looking for its alternative. So, here we have come with some alternatives of WordPress to develop websites along with their pros and cons.


Concrete5 is not a popular open source content management system, but deliver an exceptional functionality when developer published content on the World Wide Web and intranets. This CMS allows users to edit content on the WWW and intranets. Moreover, it also provides version management for every page, just like Wikipedia.

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  • Open Source, released under an MIT license.
  • free of cost core system
  • Collection of Free Add-ons
  • ‘white-labeled’ CMS with MVC pattern
  • Published API and strong documentation


  • System codes are complex
  • Not a ‘lightweight’ CMS
  • Harder to find its developers


Joomla is one of the remarkable and mostly adopted open-source content management software that boasts more than 30m downloads to date,, and many other popular websites powered by this CMS. More than 3% of all websites are managed by this CMS as it comes with powerful and user-friendly Joomla’s admin interface.


  • Easy install & setup with your mouse
  • Strong Developer Community
  • More intuitive administration user interface
  • Extension Variability
  • Strong Content Management Capabilities


  • Some Learning Involved
  • Lacks SEO Capabilities
  • Limited ACL Support


Squarespace is one of the best SaaS-based content management systems, which is a great combination of blogging platform, website builder and hosting service. Having this content management system, individuals and businesses can easily create and maintain remarkable blogs and websites. Squarespace has ability to manage all software updates and hosting and leaves users to develop content freely. One shouldn’t have to download Squarespace as it is completely managed service that means its data is located on servers owned and operated by Squarespace.


  • Every feature at One Place
  • Affordable Standard web hosting
  • Intuitive content management system
  • Subscription fee includes full technical support
  • Offers scope for extra functionality through fitted features & modules


  • Not having better hosting deals
  • Higher monthly fee subscription packages
  • Designer/developer’s help required for custom coding


Drupal is the oldest and open-source CMS systems that based on PHP-MySQL. It is one of the most powerful and functional content management systems, available with collection of remarkable features. and are two of popular sites powered by Drupal. It is considered as one of the best alternatives of WP, for those people, who want to install WP for developing their site.


  • Robust Content Creation and Management.
  • Developer Friendly
  • Strong SEO Capabilities
  • Enterprise Friendly
  • Advanced features and functionalities


  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Lack of Free Plugins/ Themes
  • Compatibility Issues.


TinyCMS is well-known for its lightweight PHP CMS script. Using this content management system is bit easier, you just have to upload your website and edit the script URL. One can easily set up this CMS as database is not used. AJAX page loading is used in TinyCMS for adding a little more style to your website. It also has a simple administration panel for managing application and setting. Having this CMS, you can easily change, develop and rename pages from the admin panel and change the settings file directly.


  • Not dependent on a particular browser
  • Greater possibilities for adjustment of the various fields
  • Adding media directly in the editor
  • Resize where you work


  • Right Click Menu is gone
  • Custom format in a list, common formats in another
  • Paste unformatted is awkward
  • More choice in most dialogues

These are some best WordPress alternatives that help you to create a beautiful website with an ease.

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If you still have doubt about WP alternatives and its related, share us through comment section.