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The most eight annoying problems WordPress users used to face often. Let’s learn how to solve


WordPress is the easiest to use and highly used PHP open source platform for CMS to e-commerce like simple to intricate needs in the present web software market. However, it has earned a big rapport in the market, but it is not offering absolutely issue free ride when you use even the latest and updated version of WordPress for your small to big requirements.

If you want to make your journey with WordPress hurdle free, I am Jackie Watson, a seasoned WordPress developer in Perception System, San Jose, the USA going to show you at least eight (8) tricks and tweaks to ease the hurdles come in your ways.

Issue No. 1 – Frequent Updates of Core Code

WordPress is badly famous PHP open source CMS platform for its frequent core code updates. Subversions and Versions are updating overnight that leaves WordPress developers in jeopardous conditions. It becomes worst when WordPress is extensively customized using various themes, plugins, components, and extensions.

The updated version demands updated extensions and components. The market takes some time to release the competent, extensions, and scripts to meet requirements of the updated version of WordPress.

Solution 1

As updates of plugins and extensions are essential along with core updates you have to go for it and use automatic backup plugin or services on the web as well as run a manual backup in your local machine before going to updates when extensive customization had done.

WordPress has auto update extensions to ease your job when minor updates have released frequently. However, you must take care of for major updates and don’t enable auto updates forever. The majority of updates require some little changes in the configuration of WordPress settings and work great.

If you are a busy bee or want to avoid indulging in tech glitches for updates, select hosting services which offer such services with negligible charges. Another way is to subscribe support & maintenance package of your WordPress development company, and as per my opinion, it is an excellent way to deal with the annoyance.

Hire on-demand dedicated developers of desired skill & experience.

Issue No. 2 – Demands Extensive Customization

Everyone is looking for unique and innovative website design, layouts, and functionality for their online entity. To create a unique website in WordPress, you have to go to extensive customization through themes and extensions. It is because the core code of WordPress is minimal and frequent updates prohibits any modification at the core code level.
It creates issues like cost, making choices out of tons of extensions, compatibility, and time for configurations.

Solution 2

  • A plethora of plugins available in the official and external platforms of WordPress. You have to go to find the right ones according to your demands.
  • Many high-quality products are paid, and you have to go through the investment of time and money for extension buying, installing, and configuring.
  • Plugins are often clashing with each other or source code and prove incompatible. It makes it daunting for your WordPress developers to set things right by required modifications or to change the plugin providers by compromise in quality or spending more money than it should be.

Issue No. 3 – Strange Back-end Behavior

WordPress missing the built-in standard back-end, and theme providers have to decide the layouts, components, designs, navigation, and tools to include in the back-end.

WordPress has two kinds of CMS editors, visual and textual. If you have created your web page content in MS Word file direct copy paste creates several issues and render code in text editor useless to modify anything.

To save you from such mesh, you have to go to paste first it in notepad-like a text editor and then past in visual editor. If you want to format it again as per your Word file, you need to do it by tweaking HTML code in a text editor

Apart from these, when you are switching in between text editor and visual editor, some code in a text editor or some formatting in visual editor disappear and causing frustrations among users.

Solution 3

However, recent moves indicate that WordPress is improving things by imposing and implementing certain rules for back-end use.Inconsistency in back-end frustrates many service providers to deal with different back-ends for different clientele.

TinyMCE plugin solves your formatting issue a lot and SyntaxHighlighter Evolved serve your opportunity to include snippets in your posts.

Issue No. 4 – Security Glitches

There are lots of threats prevailing on the web to hurt your WordPress site and your business by-and-large. WordPress platform has tons of themes and plugins available for free of charge. Out of these, many attractive but free themes and extensions are containing malicious code to hack your entire site or play with your database as well as critical data exchanges in various transactions.

Solution 4

Refraining from adding any unauthorized script in your WordPress site can save you from many security threats. Spending some money on premium themes and extensions purchase is an excellent solution if theme & extension providers take responsibility for your security in written texts like terms & conditions page or privacy policy page. If you have a big scale project creating themes and extensions from scratch is the worthwhile investment.

A dependable WordPress development team is an excellent solution to provide you highly safe and secure WordPress site with desired nuts & bolts. Secure hosting and presence of security arsenals is the best way to cope with it.

Issue No. 5 – Lapses in Site Performance

Site performance may be degraded if the WordPress website is not handled carefully and tactically. Below are the main performance issues

  • Exceeding plugins or extensions increase background processes.
  • Extra and seldom used code or scripts
  • Unfair use of JavaScript and in-line CSS increase code rendering time and server-side processes.
  • Uncompressed and large sized images and media files like videos uploaded directly on the web server consume a lot of resources while processing and downloading the site source on thin clients like mobile devices
  • Increased HTTP requests slow down the site.

Solution 5

Site loading speed and page interaction speed demands several measures right from the beginning of WordPress development. Standard coding practices can lead to compact, clean, and comprehensive code that helps in performance boosting.

Avoid unwanted plugins or extensions that return a little in terms of user experiences and usability factors of the site. Today, we have the best image and media compression technologies and tools available right from your site as well as offline to do useful.

Use cache plugins and configurations on the server as well as in-browsers to provide fast loading of repeated and frequently requested web pages.

Issue No. 6 – Lapses in Site Design

Many WordPress developers hardly care for performance optimization and conversion optimization and create glitches by adding unnecessary graphics, UI elements, colors, and styles.

Interactions are not properly designed to give seamless page transition experiences. Many pages have designed quite different from one to another and inconsistency resulting in frustrations or confusions in the minds of users/visitors.

Solution 6

  • Take minimalistic approaches in WordPress website design.
  • One web page must convey one message and carry one goal at a time.
  • Use enough white spaces and highlight UI elements in a hierarchical order like primary CTA, secondary, and so on.
  • Keep page layout consistent across the same category pages and some elements across the design like main navigation, header, and footer.

Issue No. 7 – WordPress Missing Built-in Backup Facilities

WordPress is missing built-in site backup facilities for its main platform. You have to take backup either manually on the mercy of your hosting provider or use 3rd party plugins to go for external storage facilities like cloud services. Restoration of backups is another issue and need to deal effectively.

Solution 7

Some advanced backup plugins are available, and cheaper storage services especially built up for site backups are easing the job or developers and prove affordable for site owners who are worried about their customer and other critical data. These backup services offer automatic and manual modes as well as take offline backup on your machines for further security.

Issue No. 8 – Annoying Error Messages

For novice WordPress developers or power-users, frequent error messages are a big headache. For instance,

  • Syntax errors
  • RSS feed errors
  • White Screen of Death

These are confusing and frustrating a lot and hasten the progress.

Solution 8

A variety of online resources and WordPress community available to help you out from the most common errors occur on the site. However, extensively customized sites demand only seasoned WordPress developers to sort out errors and fix by using their experiences and expertise.

Hire dedicated team for your next web development project.

Wrapping It Up

We have seen some eight most annoying problems we faced while working with a WordPress site. There are many others and covering all those is not possible due to space constraints.

However, the best way is to take the help of renowned WordPress developers to belong to dependable WordPress Development Company like Perception System in San Jose, USA. Hopefully, you will get the right guidance as well as they offer support and maintenance packages to manage everything on behalf of you and leave you to focus on your core activities.

Think over your next WordPress development services by hiring WordPress developers at Perception System, USA, and their S&M packages.