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WordPress Web Development Services – An Excellent CMS Solution For eStore


Across the world, there are many people, who have been using Shopify, Drupal, Prestashop, Joomla and Magento platform to develop their eCommerce website. You may have discussed with a lot of eCommerce experts, who may have suggested using different platforms.

However, not being unfair the CMS platform that listed above having small hand in the technicalities, and it is quite difficult for a novice person to handle at their own. You will require a technical support to maintain the website for a reliable handling.

Well, it is true that WordPress platform is quite different from other platforms, and it is an open source online publishing platform that coded in PHP. Today, a lot of companies prefer to use WordPress to make quick CMS web design solutions for their customers. It is one such platform that mainly preferred for geek and non-geek powered by simple managing tools and plugins.

Usage Statistics
WordPress Web Development Services
With these statistics, you can know that why everyone prefers to get WordPress

  • More than 60 million installations
  • Approximately, one-sixth of websites in the top search traffic are powered by WordPress, so are you feeling amazed?
  • 50% of all websites that have keen interest of using a content management system are using WordPress now-a-days.
  • Being open source platform, WordPress is obtainable for free of cost.
  • WordPress is extremely easy to integrate theme and plugins and customize the look on the front-end and functionality at the backend.
  • WordPress can be updated regularly in order to make the functionality and security better.

No doubt, WordPress is a great platform for the robust eCommerce web design with right add-ons, themes and plugins.

WordPress & eCommerce – Walk Hand-in-Hand

Along with the above mentioned benefits, here you can find some of the willful reasons that state why WordPress is the right platform for developing an eCommerce website:


WordPress Themes

Today, you would find a complete range of WordPress themes, and most of them are eCommerce centric. Well, it doesn’t matter as it still leaves a lot for you as WordPress themes are fully editable and their open source approach enable to customize according to your wish.

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WordPress Plugins

When someone says that there a lot of WordPress plugins for one main reason; however, they are not overstating as they have a common request because of the presence of a lot of plugins. All the obtainable plugins are for free, and help to add new functions to WordPress.

Most Secured Platform For eCommerce Website

There are lots of service provides, who offer elaborate consultation to their customers as a part of the WordPress development services. Moreover, you can also find why WordPress is completely safe and secure for eCommerce website development.

You are capable of monitoring your website’s activity and avoid the most common type of attacks. By using right WP pugins, users can get the instant notifications whenever there is any suspicious activity. There are some of the plugins that are well-known for locking out the users through its IP address when they try to gain unauthorized access to your site.

Secure Passwords

If you are looking forward to considering the most important thing, security plays a very significant role, and no matter the kind of website you are sharing. Your website is in complete danger, if it does not have a secure password.

It is essential for all to make their site credential complex to guess and strong. Ensure that the users use strong passwords and force them to make use of long and complex passwords through plugins.

Make Sure to Secure the Checkout Process & SSL

You can ensure that the data transferred is completely safe and secure using SSL certificates or HTTPS. However, it is not enabled by default on any website as the concerned website admin needs to get it so that the data users enter on the eCommerce website.

Payment Gates

There are lots of established eCommerce websites both WordPress-based and dedicated solutions, are making use of the third-party payment gateways like PayPal. It ensures that the credit card information and other responsive credentials pass through the high security to the payment gateway.

There is a time when the eCommerce sites are not using their store’s user credit card information and other sensitive credentials. Many a time, eCommerce doesn’t prefer to store the information of their users like credit card information and other data unless the customer openly permits them.

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Numerous other options also come with WordPress when you involve in the development of eCommerce website, therefore you just do not have to feel little confused.

Stay connected with us to get more information on eCommerce solutions and its platforms as we keep updating latest information about eCommerce industry. In any case, if you want to hire a professional eCommerce developer for your project, you can get in touch with us as we have an experienced team of eCommerce developers, who are capable of handling complex projects.

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