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Guide to WordPress Affiliate Store Development With Different Methods



WordPress is blessed with excellent eCommerce support and have some marvelous WordPress Plugins that allows online merchants to create robust online store. There are different types of overcomplicated plug-ins available that includes numerous features. But, there is also simple solution available for them. So, let’s see some simple solutions.

WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

If you want to sell your products through a WordPress website then WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart is one of the excellent options. WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart helps online merchants to sell their products on their website easier than before.

The best thing is that you don’t need any special WordPress theme to show your products. Online merchants just have to create their store by adding one or two short codes to their product pages. To know in details, read on this post.

First of all, you have to activate this plug-in. Once it activated, you will see plug-in to your settings area. There are two short codes highlighted in this quick guide. In order to add an item to your page, you just have to use the wp_cart_button short code and state the product name and price.

When a customer makes online shopping, it will be added to their shopping cart. After that, you have to create a shopping cart page by entering show_wp_shopping_cart short code into a page. One can only have to use one short code for adding items in shopping cart and another to show the cart itself. Moreover, customers also can continue to PayPal and pay amount through the shopping cart page.


One of the best things about using short codes is you can promote your products anywhere you want. This plug-in allows you to add the “Add to Cart” button in any post or page with an ease. You will find this plug-in simple in design, but there are many setting through which you can configure.

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Through general settings, you can define PayPal settings like the currency items are sold in, shipping cost and so on. Even, you can add note to sellers about integration option for the WP Affiliate Platform plug-in.


A useful PayPal’s sandbox testing mode is included in this plug-in that allows testing the functionality of shopping cart.


Through settings areas, an email is to be sent by buyers after purchase can be changes. Their purchase details can be added into an email.


Even, you can send notification email to yourself when shoppers made purchase from your store.


You will be happy to know that WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart also support coupon codes that you can assign through setting area. However, you don’t find any option to expire a coupon after a specific date or after a specified number of uses.


History of all the purchases are shown in the cart orders page that made in the past by shoppers. You will also find an option to place a new order manually through the settings area. It is useful when customers make payment through various methods.


With this simple plug-in, you can enjoy lots of advantages by integrating its features in your online store. This plug-in comes with native support for WordPress Multisite and can be used for displaying product image thumbnails. It supports 10 different languages.

Installing this plug-in, you can easily sell tangible products or intangible products/services and digital files like eBooks, PDF’s and audio files. For more details, check this video

WP All Import

We all agree that WordPress is one of the excellent CMS on the web for developing blogs as well as websites. Being a search engine friendly, it supports community and allows building affiliate sites too.

WP All Import is a WordPress plug-in that imports XML and CSV content easily and effectively. If you are combining this plug-in with the WooCommerce add-on, you can get a tools for streamlines process of developing a fully stocked affiliate store.

This plug-in works with external/affiliate products and can easily pull in the necessary product information via datafeeds. WP All Import can easily join with Commission Junction, LinkShare, ShareASale, AvantLink and Zanox.

Please note that WP All Import and WooCommerce don’t conquest your WordPress website completely. It is good as you can have option of using different WP themes as per your choice. It also allows you to integrate Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack plug-ins for importing keywords, product titles and descriptions from the datafeed.

Create Affiliate Store in 15 Minutes

The WP All Import has posted a tutorial video on the main page that helps you to create affiliate store for eCommerce business.

This video gives you an idea about what you can expect from this plug-in. Exploring this video provides information about how to import data from datafeed. After that, you can have chance to customize according to your needs.



Wazala! helps you to create online stores for your eCommerce business. Wazala! adds a button to your site that activates the store front. Developing WordPress Affiliate Store with Wazala! means you don’t have to worry about creating a new section of your site.

example of ecommerce website product

You can also have an option of developing store in the most traditional ways with Wazala! Moreover, you can have your store situation on the separate page of your site to overlay your online store. Even, you can have option to embed into an existing page to make it more integrated.

Simple Yet Detailed

There is no doubt that Wazala! comes with elegant, minimalistic design that has some fabulous features that helps store to get most from it. One can easily get helps of market and can also evaluate progress of store in the most excellent ways.

sales graph

In addition, it also helps to market your products. You can also use admin panel for creating coupons that gives customer a great discount.

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You can cover your entire store or some products or categories, and can also run between dates that can easily set and changes according to your wish. Merchants have option of choosing % discounts or make discount on the basis of value. Some important features includes are Paypal integration, inventory tracking, Google Checkout and Authorize, etc. are available.

add coupoun code and calander

Hugely Accessible

One of the best things about Wazala! is it allows to present your store in many different ways like embedding and overlaying. But the presentation and accessibility don’t end there. The best thing about choosing Wazala! is it reaches your customers through different types of platforms and networks.

This store is fully customized for mobile web browsers that mean customers can easily access our store from mobile device. It can be easily integrated with many popular CMS like Wix, Weebly, WordPress, and Blogger. Wazala! can also be integrated your store into social networks like Facebook & Tumblr.

web2.0 websites

Customers can also switch between different languages while exploring your site. About 15 different languages are available that makes sure that your store can enjoy audience across the globe.

Wrapping Text

So, these are three different methods through which you can easily create WordPress affiliate store. If you have any doubt in building affiliate store then contact us now.

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