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Why You Should Migrate Your Enterprise Website to WordPress


In general, enterprise businesses are large, often multinational organizations with their separate budgets for marketing and web presence. While the term may be slightly generic, enterprise businesses usually operate in areas where a significant web presence, able to deal with a large amount of web traffic, is required. As such, web design and usability are a large part of what they do. This is especially true if it is in the field of media, where a web presence becomes a showcase for their abilities essentially.

While your business plan, you will test strategy and exit solutions on the open market, and success is judged in the long run. A web presence has definable characteristics and quantifiable goals that may or may not be met. With all of this in mind, many enterprise businesses have looked towards expensive bespoke web solutions to guarantee quality. Hiring web designers may be one way of ensuring a successful and stylish web presence, but it is not the only solution.

Over the last decade, one company has grown to a position of now powering around a third of the web. And that company is probably familiar to you, even if only in name. It’s WordPress. And its vast presence is attracting the attention of even some of the biggest hitters in the world of enterprise. Enterprise WordPress is a thing now.

There are many reasons why WordPress might be the perfect fit for your business, and we’re going to look at some of them below. We’ll also look at some of the common myths about why the WordPress platform may not be suitable, and hopefully correct a few commonly held misconceptions.

But first, it’s worth having a quick look at migration. This is the process of moving content and data from one management system (CMS) to another. WordPress is designed to make this easy, no matter what method you currently use. And when you’ve read the below reasons for migration, it might well be worth starting the process yourself.

It is the most popular CMS

There is a lot of popular content management system on the web to choose your next enterprise website. However, WordPress wins the Internet when it comes to its open-source community, user-friendly back-end, and massive options of plugins and themes.

More than 59% of the web is powered by WordPress, which makes it hold enormous Internet. While its competitors Joomla and Drupal have 7% and 5% of market share respectively. However, you shouldn’t settle on a CMS just because it is the popular choice,

WordPress’s popularity offers very tangible results for your website including,

  • Vibrant community support of developers
  • Thousands of free themes and premium plugins
  • Consistent updates for improved performance of your website

WordPress is always innovating, and you will have tons of guidelines and tutorials on how to find any issue with your website. It is flexible to meet the requirements of your growing business with its versatile features. Your business prospectus and its sheer customizability offer a winning combination.

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It Offers Scalability

One of the key reasons why WordPress has proven to be so popular is that it is designed to be scalable and flexible. The use of plugins allows websites to grow as required while keeping the core web platform streamlined and straightforward. So, if you need a small, simple, and easy to use a website for your homemade soap business, you can use it to create a perfectly suitable site. However, a large-scale enterprise business can build on this essential service, using dedicated and specialist plugins to create a highly complex, user-friendly, and bespoke web presence.

At all levels, you have complete control over what is used and what is not, how your site looks and how it operates at an end-user level. And because it is easy to use and build sites, even small web teams can quickly and efficiently make highly complex sites.

It is Responsive

In this age of mobile browsing, it is now equally (if not more) important that your site works well across a range of devices. With more searches being carried out on mobiles than desktops, there is no point in having a beautiful website on the large screen but doesn’t work on mobile. That’s one way to see diminishing returns.

Another key benefit of WordPress is that sites are responsive – they adapt to whatever platform they are being viewed on automatically. There is a big choice of responsive frameworks, or developers can create their own.

It Improves your SEO Performance.

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood concepts of any web strategy is SEO. WordPress works naturally well in this area. You may have to install a few plugins to make your site, even more, SEO friendly, but it’s all straightforward. For an enterprise business that will feature a hefty amount of content, this is excellent news. SEO can significantly impact your site’s success, and without the box and ready to go SEO, you’ll see a significant effect. You are delivering the right strategies which speak for themselves. Cutting edge solutions that make you visible!

It is up to Date with Current Trends

Technology moves fast, and web presence is possibly at the forefront of this. WordPress is regularly updated to keep up to date with current trends, SEO responsivity, and more. It’s easy to install, and your site will remain on-trend without the need to go back and forth to the developers to keep it working.

WordPress is also renowned for being user-friendly, meaning you can update, add, remove or alter it yourself. Even if you use developers to create your site, you can often make any necessary changes in the house, which helps keep costs down.

It is Free

Because WordPress is open-source, you’re not tied to any one vendor, so your upgrades and plugins are easy to use and won’t cost you a fortune. And there will be a wide variety of solutions to any technical issues you may have.

It’s hard to understand why other CMS platforms charge money when WordPress is available for free. Its zero-dollar or price has attracted millions of small businesses and individuals who do not have the budget to pay hundreds of dollars for the device. Some WordPress competitors are also free, but then they charge for additional features or plugins.

While some WordPress plugins have paid for upgrade options, the vast majority are entirely free or a healthier freemium version available.

It’s Highly Secure

Over the years, some enterprise businesses have been put off using WordPress because they think it is designed for blogs, lacks strict security or that its open-source nature is problematic.

While it’s true that it started as a blogging platform, that was more than a decade ago. And as you know, in the world of the web, that’s more than a lifetime. Yes, you can still run a blog off it, but it is so much more. It’s also true that WordPress has had security issues in the past, but that too was almost a decade ago. Since then, they have worked harder than anyone to ensure this is a priority. If there is one platform that no longer takes security for granted, it’s WordPress.

It Delivers Fast Page Loading

Most people who surf the web leave any website that takes more than 2-3 seconds to load. If a page takes more than one second to load, a third of it will drop. After a slow load time, not only will your potential traffic be destroyed, but Google will also sniff out bounce rates and this will hurt your search rating.

Therefore, we can safely assume that you want to do everything in your power to reduce the time required to load your pages from any device. With WordPress, even if you have a few users or thousands are loaded at the same time, you will get the same load time. This is especially important for small to medium-sized websites that have not reached their traffic capacity.

Ecommerce Integration is Easy

A few years ago, if you wanted to sell products on your website, you had to use a basic (and not compelling) template created by Yahoo! You need to hire another e-commerce-hosted site, or hire a designer to explore the intricacies of setting up a shopping cart. Now you can easily integrate eCommerce systems with WordPress. If you use an eCommerce platform like WooCommerce, you need to take a few steps to become fully integrated with your WordPress website.

It has a Massive Ecosystem

Need a plugin to enhance your SEO? WordPress is one. You are looking for a website theme that isn’t used by millions of other businesses? Yes, WordPress is your back. Due to its vast user base, a complete ecosystem of supporting features has grown around the CMS platform. Third parties have made a lot of money by creating compelling widgets, plugins, and WordPress users’ themes. With over 49,000 plugins, users have an unlimited ability to customize their CMS, from selling products to re-posting old blog content on social media.

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Lastly, as we have seen, open source is a plus point, not a drawback. It’s this very nature that expands your options and provides multiple solutions to any problems. So, maybe it’s time you migrated your current site over to WordPress.

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