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Why You Should Opt For WordPress Mobile Plugin Development? – Best WordPress Mobile Plugins


Many of you all don’t know the importance of having a mobile plugin as it can make a big impact on the traffic of your website and how readers are checking out your site. Think, if you have a WordPress site that is friendly and can load quickly on any device, then the numbers of readers will increase and it will keep other people coming to your site again and again.

These days, the numbers of people are increasing, who are using mobile devices to access the Internet; however, research presents that more than two-thirds of mobile owners are using their phone to go online. Out of them, one third of these users are using their smart-phone to access the Internet as compare to other devices like laptops and desktop computers.

When it comes to access a website from smart-phone, no one is interested in visiting one such website that takes approximately 15-20 seconds to load and looks terrible on their phone, so it is better to use a WordPress mobile plugin that can take your website from frustrating and make it response as quick as possible.

You can opt for WordPress plugin development to get plugin for your website; However, numerous WordPress mobile plugins are obtainable that can be used to make your site mobile friendly. By using a perfect plugin for your site, you can allow your customers to access your website from any smart-phone and enjoy easy readability.

In this post, I have covered top and highly advanced WordPress mobile plugins that come with excellent features, functionalities and offer incredible performance. So, have a look on below mentioned plugins

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Today, more than 5.5 million blogs are using this plugin as WPTouch Pro is one of the best mobile response focuses suite that comes with a full-blown WPTouch theme. However, its theme is 10 times faster as compare to responsive websites with touch improvements and a crisp retina interface. Moreover, this plugin also features ‘Infinity Cache’ that makes your site blazing fast with the help of mobile caching.

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WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0

WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 is another best WordPress mobile plugin that enables users to package and deliver their existing content on across platforms, devices and operating systems. It is one such plugin, which mainly enable you to customize appearance (including colors and fonts). It also offers cross-platform access, a ready-made theme with six different abstract covers and more.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher

Any Mobile Theme Switcher is a fantastic WP mobile plugin, which is well-known for detecting the device a person is using to access their website and show their selected theme. The best thing about this plugin is that it allows users to choose a theme individually like one theme for iPhone users, another theme for Android users and more.


Today, MobilePress is the best plugin for WordPress website owners as this plugin renders a mobile friendly version of your website or blog. It also enables for custom themes and some mobile friendly settings. Being a free plugin, it is obtainable from and

iThemes Mobile

iThemes Mobile premium plugin has also caught huge attention of people worldwide as this plugin allows you to transform any of your website into a mobile-device friendly site. Instead of wide customizations, mobile is one such device that is ideal for a quick drop and go setpup, so iThemes Mobile is the plugin that displays the content from your posts and pages.

So, these were the best mobile plugins for WordPress website owners as they can make their website more functional and feature-rich. However, if you want to get your own developed WP mobile plugin for your website, you can hire our WordPress plugin developers, who have years of experience in delivering rich quality services.

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