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How to Pick WordPress eCommerce Plugins? Example and Factors to Consider


Developing a perfect online store is not easy. With many options available, online merchant can trap in the maze of plug-ins that developers integrate every day.

So, what alternatives you are looking to add in your WordPress eCommerce website? Do you have any idea? If not, then read this post that contain some reviewed solution and its important features that makes you site unique from others.


Developed by the Woo Theme team, WooCommerce plug-in is one of the most popular plug-ins credited over 3 million downloads in its favor since it’s released.

With this plug-in, one can enjoy an extensive array of features that allows eCommerce business to setup online store with an ease at no cost.

One of the most excellent features of WooCommerce plug-in is it provides flexibility to its users, no matter whether they have any technical knowledge of setting up eCommerce site or not.

Users can easily configure different factors related to eCommerce business like shipping, emails, pricing, currency, etc. through its WordPress-centric user interface.

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A wide variety of options is provided by the panel that manages with different business types that allows selecting what alternative works excellent for your business. Looking at the developer’s view, it delivers vast customization options:

  • Allows choosing theme from various free themes available at the developer’s website
  • Pull the preset CSS to adjust in your precise taste and liking.
  • Extend functionality with third party extensions

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Get Shopped

Get Shopped is also popular WordPress eCommerce plugins, credited with more than 2.7 million user downloads. This plug-in enhances many features and tools that usually website would require.

Get Shopped is being in the market for many years and thus, it has proven its maturity as a WordPress eCommerce platform than some latest plug-ins. The most amazing features of this plug-in are:

  • Shipping: UPS, UPPS and Australia post for real time shipping rates has been integrated with this plug-in. if you want to add FedEx then purchase a premium extension.
  • Marketing: Users can easily add pricing and discount rules and can able to some products with discount offers.
  • Managing Orders: Allows configuring the plugin to generate electronic mail notifications along with offering all the reports related to store in a CSV format.
  • Payment Options: Users can get a PayPal (standard, pro, and express) and Google checkout as the standard payment gateway. Moreover, additional payment gateways are available by purchasing extensions.
  • Check out: Guest checkout is allowed by Get Shopped that offers customers’ option of purchase product without registration.

Apart from these two, there is many other plug-INS available that comes with fabulous features. Some of the best are: Shopp, Cart 66, Ecwid, Jiggo Shop, etc.

Now, you must be thinking what we should consider while choosing an eCommerce plugin for a WordPress website. Here are some points:

Type of product you’re going to sell

Those people, who are planning to deal with digital downloads or credit deposits, can choose a solution that offers for that niche as it delivers excellent alternative and make it easy to set up.

Level of Technical Knowledge You Have

Before choosing any WP plug-in, ensure to consider your level of technical knowledge for accessing plug-in. WooCommerce is one of the best options for those users, who have some technical knowledge.

Cost of Plug-in

It is one of the most important points to consider as it decides how much part of your budget you will spend on a solution. It would be great to choose one such plug-in that covers your all needs.

Support, User Reviews, and Updates

A solution with a good support base helps to solve your problem that arises while setting up. It is advisable to see the user reviews before choosing any solution for your eCommerce store.

Additionally, it is must to find out when the last update was done as updates are important for site scalability. It is would be great to choose plug-in that updates frequently.

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Wrapping Text

Above, we have provided two excellent examples of popular plug-in with its popularity and number of download. Apart from, we have mentioned points that should be consider before choosing WordPress plug-in for your store.

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