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10 Questions Help You to Find Out Right WordPress Developer


Your business may be a small brick store or a large enterprise; your web identity is inevitable, and it is becoming more relevant in the mobile era where the penetration of mobile Internet is great.

More than 60% shopping is taking place on online stores through various devices. Therefore, businesses have to run after the web developers. The WordPress, an open source PHP web platform, at the tech point of view has a significant presence, is high in demand, so the WordPress developers.

Unfortunately, not all WordPress freelance developers or WordPress web development companies are up to the mark. Some common issues such as unresponsiveness, unfair costing, delays, mediocre work, unsatisfactory supports, additional or hidden charges, and rude behavior are making the taste of the project development bitter to horrendous experience.

Therefore, active and smart businesses are looking for the valid and reliable references or thoroughly examine some selected developers or companies through various tactics. Among all selection methods, taking one-on-one interview seems the most appropriate one in the fiercely competitive market.

However, perfect interview needs the perfect questioner at the first place. This post may help you to get clues that what questions and what points should arise while going to hire a WordPress developer onshore or offshore.

Q: 1 – Could you say something regarding your WordPress programming skills?

WordPress is open source software of PHP programming technology. Therefore, you must check the PHP programming skills of your hire WordPress developer. PHP is highly flexible language and needs a framework as well as its tools to do efficient and rapid coding.

WordPress is a kind of framework so check whether your developer is accustomed to the all required tools and techniques of the WordPress coding. WordPress is a CMS and offers an interface that is easy to use for the developers so check your WordPress developer is more than a power user and can do custom coding as per need with other script and markup like HTML5 in the backend.

For better styling and content layouts, your developer should know the CSS3 and another coding besides HTML. For better performance of your WordPress site, your developer should follow the industry standard best practices of coding and make code document clutter free-clean, compact, and comprehensive so anyone can dive in the future.

Ask your WordPress developer that the site would be W3C validate or not?

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Q: 2 – Could you provide adequate supports, maintenance, and update services for the WordPress project?

After the launch of the site, hardly things go smoothly. Therefore, direct support of the developer and team is essential. It is better you clarify that what kinds of support are free and which one is paid.

When you are going to outsource the WordPress development, time zone differences are crucial for quick and complicated supports. Simply shooting an email is not enough and you have to keep your presence on the IM, VOIP, or on the phone if needed.

Therefore, you should confirm that your hire WordPress developer or team is ready to exchange words with you in any odd hour. If they are not, you have to wake up at midnight and should attend it.

For maintenance, many WordPress development companies are offering lucrative packages for the clients who had given the development work in their basket so enjoy the sweet fruits with a good and capable team.

If your WordPress developer or company believes in the long-term relationships with their patrons, they offer free to cheaper update services of different kinds including an update of the version of source code and updates of plug-ins. Check which package and company are better for you.

Q: 3 – What are your rates or charges for different engagement models for WordPress development?

Generally, Hire WordPress Developer packages come into three distinct types: Hourly, Part-time, and Full-time. For small to miscellaneous work, hourly or part-time packages are good.

For clearly defined projects, part-time and full-time packages work better while for undefined or uncertain projects hourly, and full-time bundles are a fine choice.

If you are refraining from any hiring, contractual work is a good selection with defined payment and milestones. Therefore, discuss these things upfront with your WordPress Development Company and go through their terms and condition before finalizing anything.

Q: 4 – What is your plan for the Internet marketing for this WordPress project and how could you implement it?

Every business website wants traffic, and it comes mainly from the organic search and social media references. Therefore, ranking in SERP is crucial for the growth and health of the WordPress site.

People love WordPress due to its SEO friendly framework and availability of extensions. It is better you ask your developer regarding this and check the SEO knowledge, SEO coding practices, and know-how of SEO plugins upfront.

For social media marketing, integration of social networking sites and their APIs are necessary so ask your developer about it. On-page SEO needs the help of WordPress developer in many instances, so ask your developer that whether he/she is ready for it or not.

Q: 5 – How can I manage content quickly in WordPress site and access backend for other purposes?

WordPress is an excellent CMS and provides easy to use interface for content management and content upload. If you know Microsoft Word, you can easily use WordPress CMS.

Moreover, for content upload and some degree of customization, you do not need to access source code on the hosting panel or cPanel.WordPress backend access with username and password is enough.

However, a good WordPress developer can give you easy access to desired user roles and setup backend interface according to your needs and choices. Therefore, check that you WordPress developer knows things well in advance and ready to go for extensive customization through WordPress PHP coding, HYML, and CSS manipulations.

Customization of theme/template, integration of widgets and plugins are areas that WordPress developers should acquire expertise.

Q: 6 – What will you do for WordPress performance optimization?

The performance of a WordPress website measures through its loading speed, interaction speed, and quick screen flows during consumption.

Therefore, fast loading matters much for a client and a WordPress developer. Therefore, ask you developer that what steps are possible to make the performance score high for your project.

Content optimization, image optimization, and code optimization techniques help in the improvement of the fulfillment of the WordPress site. It is better your WordPress developer accustomed to all.

Q: 7 – What will you do for WordPress conversion optimization?

For ecommerce and WooCommerce in particular, conversion optimization involves a myriad of steps taken upfront in the development process to enhance the overall user experience process.

Therefore, it is better you discuss your conversion strategies with your developer and ask him or her how they can translate it into reality by taking designing and coding steps.

For instance, how your developer can address the needs of your local or international audience, how to deal with USP needs, what about CTA placements, and the lead acquiring process.

Q: 8 – Could you provide the support for WordPress hosting and access?

There are different types of hosting services available in the market, and your WordPress developer can help you to select the best one according to the requirement of your business and website at present as well as in future with scalability.

It is better you check the hosting related knowledge of the WordPress developer before hiring and clarify the additional charges for it if any. After selection of the WordPress hosting services, your developer has to upload the source code and install the WordPress with required cPanel access.

Database setup, server configuration, bandwidth configuration, DNS setting, and other types of setup knowledge is worth to check in your WordPress developer. Therefore, check it that your developer is familiar with the entire hosting process or not and can help you in future if anything goes wrong at hosting.

Q: 9 Are you able to customize WordPress themes or template?

Customization of WordPress theme or template requires extensive coding knowledge and experiences with it so hiring a novice WordPress developer proves disastrous.

WordPress version updates demand necessary changes in the customized themes or templates so ask you developer regarding that knowledge.

It is true that some degree of customization possible with extension or plugins only and extensive knowledge of plugins is mandatory for your WordPress developer.

Q: 10 What about your skills in WordPress integration services?

WordPress features and functionality can extend using its heaps of plugins. Therefore, knowledge of plugin, its roles, integration requirements, removing, adding, modifying, and its updates are mandatory for your WordPress developer.

Many security plugins and third party services demand additional setup and APIs integration with WordPress so your developers should have adequate expertise and experiences of third party APIs integrations. For instance, Google Map, SSL technologies, and so on is good examples to ask.

Many backup services also need integration at hosting level as well as at the site level to save your valuable site data any the case of any mishap takes place. Therefore, ask you developer regarding it.

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