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16 Resources to Become a WordPress Expert in 2016


Literally, WordPress has occupied 1/5th space of the Internet where PHP is a technology of source code of the websites or web applications. Therefore, a charm for WordPress is unending.

Some want to be power users only and wish to read some basic tutorials to operate graphical interface in the backend using excellent admin panel of the dashboard.

However, beginners want to improve their skills to go further or hunt a good job in the market. Therefore, they need to go beyond basic and spend some bucks on intermediate learning with better quality code skills and more structured training.

The great thing about WordPress is that developers can find different resources to gain varying levels of expertise, and the Internet is a perfect place for it.

Therefore, let’s explore those fabulous WordPress learning places in this post. Before jumping into WordPress world, developers should estimate own capabilities and skill levels so they can select resources accordingly.

If you are a beginner, don’t try to indulge into advanced tutorials at first place, instead, try basic things first on the online resources devoted to beginners.

For advanced users, blogs and articles written by expert WordPress bloggers are gold mines while video tutorials are an excellent option for beginners to intermediate WordPress developers to grasp coding concepts and designing paradigms quickly.

No. 16: Official WordPress Site –

A good starter point for developers who are learning any technology is the official site of that platform, so is the best place for beginners, intermediates, and seasoned WordPress developers with appropriate stuff for all.

You can find all the basics including selecting a theme, customize it, and create web pages or an entire blog from it.

You can learn how to enhance your WordPress site using multimedia features, or add ecommerce functionality using sophisticated plugin integrations like for WooCommerce store development.
Woocommerce is a free resource and provides the latest updates in the world of WordPress.

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No. 15: WordPress TV

Today video is trendy and everyone love to watch it. Therefore, YouTube like visual content distribution sites is rocking and flooding with tons of visual content in multimedia formats.

Webinars are immense and plenty to grab the opportunity to watch the leading personality of any niche. Thus, WordPress TV had seized the video love opportunity by unveiling a platform for visual WordPress learners where any expert can prepare video tutorials or deliver some useful hints/tips through video by following its submission guidelines.

WordPress learners can learn fast using different levels of videos. You can get answers to basic questions as well as get coding hints for complicated customization or plugin integration.

If you want to check how Google Map API integration is applicable for your location-based web app, some videos may guide you properly. WordPress TV is again a free resource to exploit.

No. 14: WP Beginner

WP Beginner is primarily dedicated to beginners and provides useful resources to help beginners to accomplish their learning using quick tips and tricks as well as in-depth training sessions and consultancy.

It offers a rich glossary of WordPress terms, which indeed is a helpful resource for any beginner.

Moreover, its detailed blogs regarding WordPress give useful articles to give you hints to build simple to complicated sites with new features and functionality.

You can find plugins list compatible to your site and some incentives like discounts on themes you buy there.

No. 13: Codex

Codex run by WordPress community as an online manual and live repository regarding WordPress information and documentation. It offers knowledge about:

  • WordPress Features
  • Download WordPress
  • Installing WordPress
  • Current WordPress Version
  • WordPress News
  • WordPress Support Forums
  • Troubleshooting
  • About WordPress
  • Glossary

You can learn how to use WordPress, themes, and plugins. You can contribute back to development by volunteering services.

No. 12: Make WordPress Core

Make WordPress Core is an official blog of the WordPress core development team. Therefore, you can find a lot of discussions on features of current WordPress version as well as upcoming versions too.

The place helps you stay on the top of what is happening in the world of WordPress. Moreover, it offers you the opportunity to add something in WordPress core once you are acquainted with core PHP and core WordPress development.

No. 11: Tuts + WordPress

When you aim to belong to seasoned WordPress developer category, this advanced WordPress resource is for you. You will find advanced topics under discussions such as OOP programming, big scale web application development for WordPress based portal, integration of modern web services, cloud services, and location-based service using APIs with customization.

Its styles of presenting tutorials are comprehensive for all levels of developers and code examples can add real values in the life of WordPress developers with different levels of skills and expertise.

No. 10: Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine, a highly reputed magazine among the community of software designers and developers, particularly for the web and mobile niches. The nice thing about this magazine is it remains contemporary by publishing innovative and futuristic posts by selecting highly sensitive as well as value adding topics for discussions.

It publishes articles written by the eminent personality of respective niche so you will find Tom McFarlin and McKeown like WordPress leaders’ article in Smashing Magazine.

In-depth posts with usefully cited resources give WordPress developers new insights each month, and its exhaustive back catalog helps a newbie to seasoned WordPress ‘Guys and Gals’ equally.

No. 9: Reddit

Reddit provides extremely useful resources for WordPress developers through two different forums run as dedicated sub-Reddit, WordPress, and Pro-WordPress. WordPress sub-Reddit is for all categories of developers to exchange ideas while Pro-WordPress is dedicated to advanced WordPress developers.

They along with other contributors provide useful resources, detailed code examples, and practical solutions for the WordPress developers working in the field and take WordPress development challenges routinely.

No. 8: WPHub

WPHub is a highly recommended place for beautiful themes and hosting solutions. However, it offers WordPress 101 section for WordPress developers to learn basics and get some help through custom service options in interactive ways.

It allows users to obtain assistant for WordPress developers through personalized training, so it is a recommended resource for those who need someone to walk them through learning.

No. 7: WP Tavern

WP Tavern is basically a news site run by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg. The site receives daily updates with high quality articles regarding

  • WordPress plugins
  • WordPress themes
  • WordPress design
  • WordPress coding
  • WordPress events
  • WordPress services

Therefore, WordPress developers love to visit the site every morning while sipping a coffee cup in one hand and mouse or fingertips of another hand to scroll the latest WordPress news published here.

No. 6: Udemy

Udemy is a recognized online learning academy. It offers more than 50 free WordPress development courses for different levels of WordPress developers. It has paid resources with more than 100 courses that need purchasing only once, so it saves from subscriptions and lets developers to have own libraries.

Its courses come with tests, quizzes, and contests to measure capabilities of developers who take part in it. Thus, it enables developers to recognize their learning levels like beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners.

WordPress classes on Udemy provide guidance with details and stuff that can be kept in permanent libraries of students.

As per its actual users, it is a fantastic resource for faster learning with complete grips on fundamentals and practical programming skills. It has proved a useful online academy indeed for many across the world who strive basic to advance programming knowledge besides WordPress and other contemporary software development technologies.

No. 5: WP 101

WP 101 covers all basics of WordPress and tag itself as the fastest way to learn WordPress online. It is a premium (paid) site using video tutorials, video lessons, and code repository to offer generally to personalized help. It lets students/developers to learn stuff at their leisure and in real-time too.

Developers can use any device to take lessons even while on the go with mobiles. It provides custom approaches by offering answers to users’ questions in the help center.

The most interesting thing about the site is that it stays current and updates its videos with each new release of WordPress version. Therefore, it is worth the bucks you spend on it.

No. 4: Advanced WordPress

As the name suggests, it is a resource for advanced WordPress developers. It is a popular place on Facebook to meet WordPress developer to share idea and some code on the fly.

They avoid beginners to participate in the meet so they have cited other suitable resources for them. They have placed common FAQ to satisfy them and filter them prior to coming up with intricate issues on the board. This page has almost 5K members in the group to add values to the discussion.

No. 3: Siteground

Siteground is a free and open source community hosted by a hosting company. Therefore, it has accumulated free resources of in-depth tutorials for beginners to intermediates and some for advanced WordPress programmers.

Moreover, it offers free themes for WordPress designers to create a WordPress site rapidly without doing anything from the scratch or repeat the code.

Tutorials are giving decent lessons regarding WordPress optimization, site back up, and some coding to make most of the WordPress.

No. 2: WP MU DEV

WPMUDEV is a resourceful blogging site for WordPress developers of different levels of skills. You can get clues regarding the best free themes too for WordPress plugins and services.

Plugins, extensions, or add-ons are additional components to add and improve WordPress features and functionality without diving into the core source code of WordPress, so upgrades become easy each time.

Therefore, power users and beginners remain eager to know any updates regarding plugins. An interesting thing for a developer is WordPress project posted weekly that a developer can accomplish within an hour. Thus, it offers an opportunity for developers to improve their skills under the hood of experts.

No. 1: iThemes

Just like WordPress plugins, WordPress themes are lucrative aids for WordPress beginners to create fully functional and feature rich WordPress website without starting anything from the scratch.

The concept of templates or theme is attractive for WordPress power users, who hardly know programming in WordPress except some basic HTML and CSS tweaks in CMS.

WordPress power users usually pick up appropriate WordPress themes. They select mostly free themes with responsive design as well as made up for custom functions for industry. Thus, they absolutely eliminate coding at all and depending on the GUI in admin panel by dashboard features/menus.

They can write content to run a website and upload on hosting using cPanel interface. Thus, WordPress is highly favorite among the non-programmers who want the fully functional website to deploy rapidly.

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We have explored a few resources out of an exhaustive list that can help any newbie who wants to achieve skills in WordPress development to accomplish simple to complex tasks or projects.

The majority of resources are of tips, hints, and tutorials in various formats including blogs, articles, and videos. Practical examples of coding through repository are indeed helpful resources for developers with a programming background.

However, accomplishing intricate and big scale projects with unevenly dispersed resources is not a smart idea. What you need is to join an experienced team and work in a collaborative environment is feasible option to learn WordPress faster than ever.

Perception System has a team of seasoned WordPress developers with intensive experiences and expertise to offer righteous help to the developers as well as clients who need a skilled team for professional WordPress development.

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