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Surefire WordPress SEO Tips That Bring Organic CTRs For Your Website

Surefire WordPress SEO Tips That Bring Organic CTRs For Your Website

Setting up WordPress website is easy and fortunately tweaking it for improving ranking factors is in your hands now. Anyone can make it possible by implementing the unwavering WordPress SEO tips. Many website owners perceive that WordPress SEO is limited to tweaking a web page’s titles & descriptions. In fact, there are several other factors that directly affect the ranking of a WordPress website. The best part is, the factors can easily be implemented and controlled by web owners and online marketers.

Here, we have accumulated few major factors that are well-tested and used to increase click-through rate for WordPress websites.

Recognize Pages That Receive Less CTRs

Before implementing any other strategy, it’s crucial to identify the website’s pages that are getting fewer clicks. These underperforming pages may be in a higher position (top rank) but are not getting clicked by visitors. What’s the reason? Find out the low performing pages by going to Search Analytics under Search Traffic in Google Search Console.

You will find everything there including the page rank and the number of clicks attained in past 28 days. Do it fast to make a list of all webpages that receive quite less (below 20%) CTRs. You can lead all these pages towards attaining high rank by focusing on improving their user experiences.

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Bring Improvements In Title & Meta Description

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This is the next trick to be implemented to boost WordPress SEO. This states that you need to focus on reviewing your webpages Meta data after being aware of the pages receiving fewer clicks. Analyzing Meta data crucially includes Title tags, Meta Descriptions, and page URLs.

Your website’s success and views do not depend on how beautiful & appealing your site design is. Rather, it entirely relies on how professionally your Meta data is prepared to compel visitors for a click.

Meta data is a perfect combination of Titles, URLs and Meta Descriptions that describe what the pages are all about. So, do it carefully so that you can adequately uplift CTRs for your WP website.

Go For Rich Snippets

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If implemented appropriately, Google Rich Snippets are the best ways to drastically improve click-through rates for a web page. These are simply the results (in the forms of ratings) that you often have seen under the URL of a search engine result page. These uniquely placed results provide users the credible and relevant information for the keywords they entered.

Initially, this tactic was used by E-commerce merchants by now, it has become a powerful tool for all types of businesses. Apart from the ratings, rich snippets have other different types of Events, Recipes, Videos, etc. This technique is on the boom right now and ensuring the optimum CTRs to the website owners.

Incorporate Google AMP

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Google AMP pages are considered as the modern age technique for improving the site’s popularity among visitors. These are highly flexible and engaging mobile pages that deliver quite consistent and fast performance to the web pages. Along with speedy access, these also provide a streamlined experience to the mobile users.

When you integrate AMP technique to your web pages, your pages will be seen with a small AMP icon aside your weblink. This encourages people and increases the click-through rates for that particular page. You can make it happen by installing the Google AMP WordPress plugin.

Optimize Your Pages For Google Featured Snippets

Many website owners or marketers strive to attain number one position on their blogs and service pages. But, do you know that there is much better place than number one. That position is just above the position one which contains results for the most relevant queries.

It can be said position zero as people strike first to this and don’t scroll down if they find accurate information for their entered query. Yes! This detail is called Google’s featured snippets which your page may also get through appropriate snippet optimization.

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Ending Note

It is clear that you need not to regularly update content on your website to bring optimum clicks. Rather, you can make it happen and multiply the existing CTRs by optimizing your published content. Adopting the above-mentioned tricks may assist you in this. For better insights, you can approach other WordPress SEO tricks like getting “Jump to” Links, improve site speed and publishing revised dates of content.

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