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WordPress 3.7 Arrived with Security Features


The debut of WordPress 3.7 has been announced by on 25th October, 2013. This latest version of the open-source WordPress content management and blogging platform is a feature and bug-fix release for self-hosted WordPress sites. Currently, WordPress serve 72 million Websites and this version comes with improved stability and security.

This release uses the new plug-in-first development process of company, resulted into faster development cycle. Moreover, clarifies this release as more self-sufficiency that allows organization to decouple feature development from a WordPress 3.7. Before this release, WordPress users have to manually click on the update button or download the latest release for installing security fixes. This is situation, where uncountable number of sites created through older versions is exploited by attackers.All thanks to the new background updater in Version 3.7, now every user can update WP installation for security and maintenance purpose.

In recent years, there are many software vendors have embraced for client-side applications due to this the concept of automatic security updates are raised. Users can find some form of background updater technology in Mozilla, Google and Adobe that deliver latest security updates to users without the need for a manual update.

Latest Features We found in This Release

Updates While You Sleep

Now, users don’t have to lift their figure for security and maintenance updates as many WP sites now able to automatically apply these updates in the background. Even, users can find reliable and secure updates procedure with collection of latest safeguards and checks.

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Better global support

Enjoy faster and more complete translations with Localized versions of WordPress with WordPress 3.7 update. This release adds automatically support for installing the right language files and makes them up to date when any release comes. It becomes boon for millions of people, who are using WordPress CMS other than English.

Stronger password recommendations

Having defending password is must for your website to enhance security and it is advisable to create password that is unique, long and complex. In WordPress 3.7, the password meter is updated to recognize some common mistakes that you have committed while creating unique password for your website.

Get the WordPress 3.7 update from inside the WordPress dashboard, if you are existing self-hosted WordPress users. Otherwise, download it for free as a direct download is also available.

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Admin can find feature by default and there is no other ways to “turn it off” from the admin. If you want to do, then follow below given steps

  • Locate your wp-config.php file (available in the site’s root )
  • Add the line define( ‘AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED’, true ); to the file and upload
  • We do not accept infographics that are sent from free IDs like Yahoo, Gmail, etc.
  • Now, Confirm the change has been made by going to /wp-admin/about.php

Waiting For future release? We are hoping to see WordPress 3.8 at the end of this year. The upcoming version will available in December.

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