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7 Mind Numbering facts about WordPress to Promote Digital Signage Content and Templates

Digital Signage

As we know by now, digital signage is the technology of the ear which is taking the marketing process by storm. In the last couple of years itself, we have seen a huge hype in digital signage, which was previously used only by medical facilities, corporate businesses in their premised, or banks or financial institutions only.

However, now digital signage is a very common sight anywhere and considering the current trend, digital signage market may grow bigger in the coming few years. As per a Gartner study, digital signage industry is expected to be worth about $24 billion by the year 2020. Digital signage is also made much easier nowadays and affordable to even small businesses with recent technological developments in this sector.

Ongoing production or dynamic display content, which is the major challenge in making display signage successful, too is possible now with the help of Content Management Systems. One of such CMS, which seamlessly support digital signage technology is WordPress.

WordPress in digital signage

For more than a decade now, we have used WordPress first as a blogging site and then as a website building and CMS platform. Now, WordPress is the NO.1 CMS platform which can help you do anything related to web and advertising you can think of. Stepping into digital marketing, WordPress has a keen focus on digital displays too which is evident from the latest launch of many dedicated plugins for digital business displays.

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Using WordPress for digital display content making

Further, we will discuss some smart ways to make efficient use of WordPress for your digital signage marketing content purpose.

Far more than blogging

When first started, WordPress was just yet another blogging site for the budding bloggers to post their content and try to establish. From that humble beginning, now WordPress had grown to be the world’s most powerful CMS, which powers about 60 million websites including many top corporate and government sites in addition to offering reliable web hosting and other facility-based IT services.

At recent times, digital marketing professionals exploit the power and compatibility of WordPress CMS with menu board digital signage software, which help them to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Find themes and customize them to use for your purpose

The free theme directory of WordPress is a treasure pot where you can find wonderful themes to be used for free. Even for enterprise use, you can download a theme or template from the vast repository of themes and apply the changes as you wish to personalize it.

However, the themes and compatibility may change based on the evolution of newer versions and the changes in digital signage software programs. If you need to get expert help in this, there are plenty of WordPress developers to help you execute the most appropriate plans easily.

Aesthetics and security

With its latest updates, WordPress has taken an admirable initiative to make its backend much more secured. So, along with aesthetic UX, you can now add various layers of custom security too to your digital signage platform using WordPress Development Services.

This gives the users complete control over the front and back-end of the application. The major risk of digital displays installed at various places is sabotaging, but using WordPress is much safer by releasing security updates from time to time and advanced themes and plugins dedicated for electronic signage boards.

Reach to target audience guaranteed

Another major advantage of partnering with WordPress is its enormous popularity. A wide majority of people, ranging from common individuals to even the corporate leaders, interact with WordPress. So, promoting your content by using the WordPress digital signage power will, directly and indirectly, helps you to ensure a greater viewing of your content. The primary goal of any marketing strategy is to reach to as many potential target group viewers as possible, and WordPress helps you to achieve this objective at best.

Highly user-friendly interface

With its year of trial and errors, WordPress has come up with the top web interfaces, which are optimally user-friendly. Being a highly flexible build and own platform, one need not have to an IT expert or coding wizard to take advantage of the WordPress capabilities in digital signage. Preparing, formatting, and modifying digital content for promotion is much easier for anyone on WordPress platform.


The physical set up of digital signage is a bit expensive so you may want your content management system to be more affordable; however, without compromising on quality. Without compromising on any essential features, instead of giving many more user-friendly features for free, WordPress can even host your blogs for free by leaving you completely care-free about the cost involved in CMS content management. The other existing digital signage software by providers are a bit financially indulging whereas the fully open source WordPress offers a cheaper (almost free) alternative.

Some good themes to use for digital signage

With many new specialized themes introduced later, WordPress is well known for its most dynamic themes and plug-ins on offer. To help you cut through the upcoming challenges in the digital signage arena, you can instantly make use of various top themes and plugins on WordPress. Some of the best ones at your disposal include

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Catch Box

Released by Catch Themes, you can make use of it for scroll-up texts and images. There are also various layouts which you can use to enhance the overall visual appeal of the signage.


If your website vis-à-vis signage communicates real-time data as in case of a stock market display, weather update, or live news display, then this is an ideal theme to use. Apart from text, this theme also supports hosting images and videos.


If your digital signage consists of a lot of images and videos of high quality, then this app will surely be useful to handle it well.
As the primary focus of digital signage is to capture, people attention, WordPress complement it rightly by creating a unique experience for both the promoters and to the users.

Most importantly, dynamism is one key aspect of digital marketing and an experienced WordPress development team can utilize this extraordinary platform with its unique features and customization capacities.

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