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10 Twitter Marketing Strategies that E-commerce Merchants Should Know  


Are you struggling with your business? Do you want to attract more customers towards your brand? Here is good news for e-commerce merchants. Now, they can easily sell products, engage with followers, and deliver remarkable customer service with E-commerce Twitter Marketing tools. Let’s check out the most Twitter tips that can help e-commerce business to grow higher and higher.

Manage Your Twitter Posting Schedule Properly

There are some eCommerce merchants that use Twitter account in real-time only. This is the main aim of platform was really determined. However, if we are posting in real-time, it becomes time-consuming and demanding as well.

It would be best to use some excellent social media management tools such as SproutSocial, HootSuite, etc. for scheduling a series of tweets in advance for a week.

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Product Launch

Twitter is one of the excellent platforms for promoting your product several weeks in advance of its launch. Twitter’s official video sharing platform can be used by eCommerce business to send out product teasers. Moreover, you can also develop a product-related # tag to support others to spread the word.

People’s Power

The power of the people is represented by Twitter in a truly democratic style through its deep networking framework. Twitter is a viral phenomenon as people like to talk about business straight, not mince words. Your products can be viral as it attracts number of audience that takes interest in it.

Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards is one of the latest marketing tools that enables user accounts to have a greater media experience through display product info, photos, app details, etc. In addition, Twitter also comes with amazing Card for small business to generate leads like mailing list subscriptions.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter, a leading social networking site, has capability to determine the consumer trends and analyze their business pathway that based on click rates, ads reach and retweeting by using peripheral social media engagement tools such as SproutSocial, SocialBro, Topsy, HootSuite, etc.

As we all know that self-analysis option is must-have for every business to understand and plan their business policy frequently.

Gather to Unlock

The most interesting thing is ‘gather to unlock’ feature that comes with some surprising things like you can unveil content only when the desired number of retweets has been reached. So it will help you in the form of uncountable number of tweets.

Advertising Service on Twitter

A self-service version of its advertising platform is also offered by Twitter for small businesses. “Promoted tweets” and “promoted accounts” are two types of advertising service that helps you to increase branding of your products.

Twitter Tools for Your Website

A set of Twitter tools is available to make our activity simple and easier than before. Using such tools, one can easily enhance more followers, call attention to your favorite tweets, share website content such as blog posts or products and can do lots more things.

Create Twitter Lists

Twitter lists can be created on the basis of user’s category. Admin can create list or subscribe to lists that created by other people. Through your twitter account, you can easily get to know about people, who are talking about you and your brand.

Practically, there are many eCommerce sites creating list of e-commerce merchants to stay in touch with their potential customers. This thing serves the cause of expenditure and delivers advantage of revenue as well.

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Appreciation Platform

Apart from the social media tool, Twitter is essential tools for acknowledgment and goodwill gesture. Now, everyone can thank openly to acknowledge consumer participation that re-tweeted their products or aroused a positive interest. With this, you can simply attract more customers towards your brand/ company.

No doubt Twitter is a real-time engagement platform that helps online merchants to communicate with customers and enhance your brand awareness. Above given are some smarter business tools of Twitter that makes your tweeting activity effective.