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15+ Advanced Shopify Apps To Boost Your Online Store


India’s most preferred eCommerce platform ‘Shopify’ is well-known for its uniqueness and rich features that make it easy for eCommerce businesses to run a high-end eCommerce store without any hassle.

The best thing about this high-end platform is its range of applications that you can find at Shopify App Store. When it comes to extending the functionality of your online store, you have a lot of options, and it becomes quite difficult to decide which app is the best?

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking forward to adding customer reviews, publish your products to Facebook, enhance email marketing or want to get detail analytics, you will surely get an application for your requirements.

However, in this month’s collection of the applications, we have found 15+ awe-inspiring and feature rich applications that can increase the awesomeness of your Shopify store. Let’s have a look on these below mentioned Shopify apps

TheFind Shopping Search


TheFind Shopping Search is an extremely quick, simple yet free of cost application that helps you to list your shop’s range of products on the most popular shopping engines of the web. Using this feature-rich application, you are allowed to submit data feed to
TheFind in a simple way.

With just a single click, you can keep fresh your listed products. However, if you are not listing your products on a shopping search engine, it is a perfect time, so begin with it. Moreover, boosting visibility and conversion rate of your website becomes a lot easier with this excellent application.

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When it comes to talking about MailChimp, it is a free Shopify app that connects your Shopify store with MailChimp account that you have created. With this amazing application, it becomes easily possible for you to add your customers to Mailchimp, target email campaigns based on purchasing behavior and boost your store with email marketing.

Once your customer completes the order and agrees on marketing, this application can automatically subscribe them to your MailChimp list.



Zenbox is also a free application that will display your precious customers’ profiles from various SaaS applications easily by vacillating over their email. Today, a lot of Shopify merchants are using Zenbox for Shopify and MailChimp, so they can easily view and update customer’s information for both systems. To know how much this application can help you, you must use this app for your business.

Facebook Store

Shopify facebook

Facebook Store is also a feature-rich Shopify application that enables users to display and sell products directly on their Facebook page. If you use this app on your website, you will allow your customers to easily share their favorite products with their friends. Moreover, you can also reach more and more customers and boost traffic to your store.



Now, you can easily sync orders, products, payments and customers with Quickbooks with this high-end Shopify application. You can automatically generate tracking numbers, print packing slips and print shipping labels with UPS, FedEx and USPS. You can also manage wholesale orders, eCommerce orders and inventory from a single place.

Order Printer

Order Printer

Today, Order Printer app has gained huge popularity in the market as this application enables people to quickly and easily print invoices, labels, receipts, packing slips and more. Users can easily customize and develop templates to best meet their requirements, or they can also print in bulk in order to boost up their shipping process.

Quantity Breaks

Quentiti brieks

Quantity Breaks is a great Shopify application that lets users to create different price tiers for products based on the quantity customer purchases. For an example: you can set it up so that a customer can purchase 5 of any product in a group in order to get 10% off.



Now, you can offer an advanced knowledge base solution to your customers’ brand to best meet their shop’s design and cut your customer support inbox in half.

The best thing about this application is that it requires no set-up as only 1-click instant integration into your Shopify store. Moreover, you will not require any software as Helpjuice application can help you to manage your knowledge base from anywhere including from email as well.

Shopify Widgets

Shopify widget

Shopify Widgets is the best Shopify application that allows users to develop embeddable widgets for just about any blog or website. Users of this application can develop, embed and share their products across the web. You can also link to the product page, cart and straight to checkout.



SumAll allows you to see whole store history in a single view as this application enables users to quickly access their essential data with daily email reports. Moreover, you can also connect to all your eCommerce, social and email marketing data in one place, so make use of this application and get a lot of features.

Want Button

Want Button

The WANT Button is one of the best Shopify applications that allow customers to keep track of different products that can be displayed on their Facebook Timelines.

Using this application, you can allow your customers to keep track of different things that they will purchase later. Moreover, you can also reach to all those customers, who want your products and offer personalized discounts, alerts and recommendations.



AfterShip is a free Shopify application that can be used for tracking unlimited shipments. You just need to simply sign-up at AfterShip as you can also choose to upgrade to Premium any time for notification service. You can also display tracking results on your store as it can track all your shipments, including UPS, USPS, Fedex & 200+ couriers.



Shippo is a one-click and automated label printing application that integrates your Shopify orders and enables you to print labels with one click. Using this app, you can also choose your parcel dimension, service type and preferred carrier, and you will get your label within seconds.



The Vantage is also the best Shopify application that helps users to recognize trends in your store and then suggests action that you can easily take and boost more traffic and sales. No matter whether it comes to comprehending your current customers or helping out to find new ones, this high-end application can help you out in uncovering essential store insights.

Personal Bar


Now, you can create and customize products on the fly when you enter orders as The Custom Order application is the best that makes it easy for you to manage your orders with unlimited custom statuses, which automatically update your customers. You can give a personal experience with segmented real-time offers.

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Metafields Editor


Now, it becomes a lot easir for you to store custom information with your products, including variants. You can also extend shopify pages by using extra information stored with products and variants. Being a free application for the community, this application is developed as a replacement of the free meta fields app that is written by Caroline.

So, these are top 15+ Shopify applications that you can use for your Shopify based e-store and extend the functionality of your store. Moreover, you can also get your desired Shopify application as you just need to hire a Shopify app developer from a professional Shopify application development company that delivers excellent quality services.

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