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3 Inevitable Content Marketing Tricks for Successful Ecommerce Business


It is reported that 7/10 customers prefer purchasing products via online sites. With said that, it is prudent that the demand for the online sales is increasing every day. As a result the number of e-stores offering goods and services is increasing steeply to meet the customer requirements as well.

What is user experience and how do you measure it?

User experience is something that helps you connect with your customers and help them stay engaged for a long time. But, what are elements you need to look up to provide impeccable experiences to users which drive them to purchase products with no hesitations.

When it comes to user experience, it is widely believed that web design, navigations and layout of page decides it. But, to the surprise of many, even content can play a huge role in increasing user experience. Hooked to know how far is this true?

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In this post, I’m going to list you a few reasons which will help you realize how content can transform the user experience and how to write up one such on your website. Not only that also this post will focus on content marketing strategies for build ecommerce brand as well.


Precise and inspiring product description

Before kick starting your content marketing strategy, it becomes crucial to look into fundamental arrangements to make your marketing successful. A basic element that needs to be considered for this is the product page content.

First and foremost thing a customer will look on your product page is the description and features and if they’re not up to the mark then your customers will skip to some other site in no time.


The points below will help you come up with sensible product description.

  • Be precise and clear
  • Direct your users to take the action
  • Don’t describe too much about product rather just talk about benefits
  • List your features and sort them accordingly
  • Keep the description and features list as short as possible
  • Bullet list the features to make it easy for readers
  • Set up banners on product page to inspire users, etc.

Constant and compelling blogging

After the recent Hummingbird algorithm, the significance of integrating a blog page on ecommerce sites has become inevitable and most online store owners are showing interest in setting up on their websites. This is proved to be an excellent option today however needs to be updated with posts constantly.

Tips to be followed for creating a successful blog page on your ecommerce site.

  • Produce posts offering advice or ideas to customers
  • Offer solutions to customer pain points via posts
  • Try different varieties of topics to allure customers and stay engaged
  • Make the posts clear, simple to read and understand Publish posts constantly
  • Interlink blog posts to improve your blog authority
  • Share your posts via social sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, etc.
  • Come up with video tutorials, technical posts, etc.
  • Post more image-oriented information to provide customers with solutions they seek for
  • Make it plagiarism-free and no grammatical errors

Viral content marketing via social media

Content marketing via social networks is found to be a great option today as top brands adapting to this idea are performing absolutely better. Making your content via social media channels virally can help your business reach out millions of customers in no time.


Given below are a few noteworthy points for viral content marketing via social networks.

  • Set up a profile page of your store on Facebook
  • Post impressive content through Facebook to create buzz in the social sphere
  • Tweet valuable ecommerce trends, events, conferences via Twitter
  • Use StumbleUpon to share your blog posts for better conversions
  • Offer customer service via multiple social media sites
  • Offer solutions via social sites, etc.

Though, you’ve a lot of content marketing techniques which can be handy in enhancing the performance of your online store to a great extent, the 3 basic content marketing techniques I’ve discussed here would be the best option to take your business to next level without any hassles and bustles.

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