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4 eCommerce Marketing techniques That Convert Visitors on Your Site


As with increasing competition in the market, every eCommerce owner is looking for different ways to boost the traffic of their website.So how many of you all have invested your lots of time, energy and efforts on new methods in order to drive traffic of your eCommerce website? I know, there are lots of people, who have spend their much of time and money on increasing visitors.

When it comes to talk about some of the popular and new methods of increasing traffic, Google Adwords, SEO, Facebook, blogging, social media and guest posting are some new tactics that help in driving traffic, but these tactics are not always give desired results.

However, there are various reasons for this, so make sure to make your eCommerce store such place from where leaking of visitors is not possible.

If you are serious and wanted to convert your visitors on your website, you should continue reading this blog as it has 4 exceptional eCommerce Marketing techniques that will help you to turn visitors on your site.

Moreover, you can also get the most amount of money from each of your customers, so let’s have a look on techniques:

Is Your Online Store Leaking?

Consider your eCommerce store as a bucket, so it is important for you to fill your store with lots of traffic in order to get maximum benefits. But the major problem is your bucket (store) is leaking as it has holes in it.

So, no matter how much time, money, energy and efforts you are spending on it, it will pour out of the holes.

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Have an idea about These Holes?

It is true that there are various different holes and reasons for these holes. Not only your eCommerce store has those holes, but every eCommerce business has those holes.

When it comes to talk about these holes, confusing navigation, poor & low quality product descriptions, tacky product photos and many other are some of the holes of your store.

Have any idea – How an eCommerce Sales Happen?

You know that there are various consumers, who don’t make purchase the first time to your site. You may need some touch points as well as nudges in order to convert them from a simple to visitor to potential customers.

However, it may take some days or weeks, but if you try, you can surely convert them into potential customers. Apart from some marketing techniques, customer, who leaves your site, comes by its own as he/she has experience to reply on to come back and make his/her purchase.

You can easily boost the chances of making sales by implementing different marketing techniques that also used by some of the successful eCommerce businesses.

Upsell Your Products

Upselling of your product is extremely important as it can give you final opportunity to present your complimentary products among your customers – a) they may have interest in, b) it might make experience better, c) aid in boosting your average order value. According to analyst for Forrester said that the product recommendations (upsells) are responsible for boosting an average of 10 to 30% website’s revenue.

Email for Abandoned Cart

In eCommerce, abandoned cart emails are also playing very crucial role because approximately 68% of people abandoned their carts. Well, these are such people, who were interested in your products and added them into their carts.

However, they also finish initial step of the check-out process, but decided to abandon the carts of any reason. So, you can mail them as it is an opportunity to bring those customers back to your store and complete the transaction.

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook retargeting is also best as you can offer some deals and discounts. Moreover, you can combine with the Adwords retargeting and they were inescapable if you had an internet connection.

Integrate Instagram

As per the recent study, it comes to know that Instagram offers brands more than 25% engagement as compare to any other social media platform.

So, eCommerce websites should integrate instagram in order to increase visitors. One of the main aims of mastering Intagram marketing is the engagement with your users.

So, these were some of the best eCommerce marketing techniques that you can follow and boost number of visitors on your website. You can easily turn your visitors into potential customers and increase your website’s sales and profit.

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