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4 Ecommerce Trends That You Should Always Consider


2013 was the successful year for E-commerce merchants as the online sales platforms are constantly emerging in the market, and more and more business owners want to become a successful e-commerce entrepreneur. Today, anyone can enter in the e-commerce market and boost their business worldwide.

However, it requires a professional merchant, who has in-depth information about current e-commerce trends. If you also would like to take your e-commerce business on new heights in this New Year, you can have a look on 2016’s 5 best e-commerce trends that you should consider in this year.

Trend of Mobile, Tablets & Other Hand-held Devices

Today, you can see that the usage of mobile phones, tablets and other hand-held devices has been increased for purchasing different products online. As per the Custora High Growth E-commerce index, it comes to know that more than 40% of online shopping has been done using mobile phones and 2013 Black Friday was “Mobile Friday”.

By looking at this 40%, we can imagine the success of e-commerce and predict its future as well. This trend will also continue in 2016 as there are lots of online shoppers, who are empowered to use their smart-phones, tablets and other devices to purchase products online anytime and anywhere.

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Small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses needs to ensure that their sites will be optimized in the mobile phones exceptionally so that their customers will get an amazing shopping experience.

Time to Adopt New SEO Trends

As we all know that Google is getting serious day-by-day and constantly updating new algorithm so that searchers get what they want. With its constant updating algorithm, it becomes quite difficult for various small and medium-sized e-commerce websites to survive with old and traditional SEO tactics that are not working anymore.

So, it’s time to say hello to some new SEO tactics like generating content that is more useful for their customers. No matter what type of e-commerce store you are running, you should avoid old SEO tactics like keyword usage, keyword density and many more. For instance, e-commerce retailers should opt for latest and modern content forms like blog posts, videos and more.

Free & Better Shipping Services

In 2016, we are hoping to see many more innovations in the delivery or shipping services. We can say that it will be must to provide a free and better shipping service to customers so that they find it attractive and prefer to purchase products online.

E-commerce businesses should look for this new trend as it can make their customers happy and pleased towards them. If small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford a free and fastest shipping service, they can go with creative and better ways of delivering products.

Boosting Significance of Multichannel Selling

Day-by-day, the importance of multichannel selling is increasing because the behavior of customers towards shopping becoming more scrappy. Gone are the days, when you need only a simple e-commerce site to run a successful e-commerce business because customers want something new to get an amazing shopping experience.

Today, small and medium sized businesses should start looking for wonderful ways to boost their presence on the web like they can include different shopping feeds and more. Moreover, multichannel selling is playing a very biggest role in making your e-commerce business successful in mean-time.

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So, these are some new and latest e-commerce trends that every e-commerce retailer should consider in the year 2016 to make their business successful. Considering these trends is not a big deal as a professional e-commerce programmer can help out in your project.
No matter whether you are looking to build e-commerce website with new features or want to customize it, you can hire e-commerce programmer from any trustable e-commerce development company.

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