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4 Reasons Why Ecommerce Sites Fail & How to Fix It?


It is easy to start online business just because the internet is home to some of the largest businesses in the world.

There is huge competition between many rivals of same business and thus, it is surveyed that 71% of businesses are closed due to failure of business in their first ten years.

There are many reasons of eCommerce failures, some of them are given below along with tips of how to fix it.

Point# 1 Site is Not Trustworthy

People are accessing site intentionally or unintentionally before making purchase. We all love to shop from site which is attractive and having excellent navigation as shady sites dislike by people. If site is not reputable, it looks like you are operating garage.

How to Fix It?

If you want to fix this issue, you have to create professional design by hiring eCommerce designers. Also, add trust signals like contact information like business address, phone number, etc.

Hire on-demand dedicated developers of desired skill & experience.

It would be great to add web security badges and shopping logos so people have trust that the information they have added will be safe. Adding product review also assures that they are plenty of social proof.

Point# 2 Poor Site Navigation

People are looking for information before they are making purchase. Shoppers are noticing that they want information while landing on your site.

Having a cluttered site design with poor navigation and search features will send your purchase away from your site.

How to Fix It?

One of the best ways to fix it is to allow people to search what they are looking for through searchable categories, search autosuggest, category filters, etc.

You have to ensure that your site is developed for mobile eCommerce so it allows shoppers to find easy on accessing with mobile device.

Point# 3 Lack of Payment, Shipping and Returns Information

The most irritable thing of eCommerce site is when people can’t able to find the cost of product. It is fact that hidden or tiny price don’t help anyone except to the all eCommerce retailers. Adding on other services is another pet peeve.

All such things annoy customers and thus, customers don’t pay much attention as they don’t want to pay double amount. Moreover, they are looking for security about return back of product, if it is defective or not proper.

How to Fix It?

You have to create transparent shipping and returns information by considering free shipping facility. According to two studies, it is a deal breaker for either 73% or 93% of shoppers.

Another thing is you allow customer to pay by Paypal or other online gateway, it would be great for them.

Point# 4 Checkout Woes

It is painful to complete online transaction by spending more than 2 minutes. It is a point of weakness for eCommerce website.

According to some research, it is survey that 11% of shoppers leave shopping in the half way due to complex or slow site. Further, 5% leaves due to website crashers.

How to Fix It?

Make sure to develop simple and easy checkout process by removing all potential barriers. It is advisable to optimize off-page to minimize page load times and help shoppers by adding progress bar to let them know how far they are into payment process.

Hire dedicated team for your next web development project.

Above given aren’t the only eCommerce fails, there are some of the most irritable than this but we mostly ignored them. For more advice about eCommerce site failure, you can contact our eCommerce Development Team. For more information, visit here.

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